Mother’s Day Style 

Hey moms, your day is soon and your trying not to do a thing, I’m sure. Just in case you’re getting treated like a queen, you need to do it in style. 

You and your little guy can wear some of my favorite stylist picks and be the talk of the town.   

Prince: Style Slayer 

 We lost one of the greatest entertainers of all time on April 21, 2016, Prince Nelson Rogers. 

Of course his music will never die, but we were always into what he would wear. 

Prince always had a new look and didn’t care what people had to say and that’s what made us love him even more.

Rest in peace Prince. 


Beach Wedding: Men’s Style 

Hey fellas! If your getting married on the beach, keep it cool and simple. No need for the over the top suits, you want to be comfortable yet stylish. 

Here are a few of my picks for your special day.