Beach Wedding: Men’s Style 

Hey fellas! If your getting married on the beach, keep it cool and simple. No need for the over the top suits, you want to be comfortable yet stylish. 

Here are a few of my picks for your special day. 


Coachella: Guy Style! 

Hey fellas! Are you ready for music and art? 

Coachella is the place to be and its taking place April 15-24th in Indio, California. 

Take a look of some of my favorite fashion picks, these items you can throw in your back and have a fun filled week.    

Spring Break – Guy Edition 

 Hey fellas! You’re ditching those books to hit the beach, checkout the ladies and hit the local bars?!?

I have a couple of style ideas you can put together, before you hit those streets. And the ladies will love it! 


Nyfw- Kitty’s Style

This is my 4th season working nyfw and it’s always a blast checking out the hottest fashion.

I picked some outfits that you may want to try while attending the shows and parties.