J. Styles A Tale Of Beauty And Fashion

Hi. My name is Janelle, known as a New York Style Coach, J. Styles. Born, raised & reside in New York with a little bit of Jersey. I’ve mothered 3 wonderful children with my husband. Since a small child, I’ve gained a passion & love for style and fashion, from vintage to trending.

Straight out of High School, I attended Cosmetology School to attain my certificate. Hair care has always been my passion, since the age of 4. Remembering days I spent in my bathroom mirror roller setting my hair and in need of my dad’s help, that was epic! Over the years, I gave my services as a beautician, freelance designer, stylist for lifestyle changes & events. I went into college to obtain my Business Degree while working as a stylist part-time for a well known women’s clothing company. During this time, it wasn’t easy as a mom and taking on so many tasks but I made it work for me while continuing through my journey, which was very successful and now my own boss lady of two businesses.

2 Years ago, My sister & I, decided to start making homemade natural hair care products because of the love I and my sister both shared for natural hair, which targets our natural hair community, “Sandy’s Curly Girl’s”, named after our mom, Sandra. We decided on giving it a try and so far so good. Definitely, more than grateful for the love and support we’ve gotten from the natural hair community. All our products are made with organic essential oils, hair butters and leaves that’s beneficial for hair growth, scalp treatment, breakage & more. Our Flaxseed Gel & Shea Moisturizer has been our biggest selling products since day one, a blessing. We’ve faced tough days throughout the year due to the pandemic due to material shortage and delivery delay but that hasn’t stopped us from doing our best to fulfill our customers hair care needs. At the moment, we are rebranding and working on new product ideas to continue our business growth.

Currently, I’m CEO of my own virtual style coaching company J Styles Studio, I’m grateful to get the chance to assist momprenuers all around the world which helps them discover their dope style, brand identity and professional everyday style. As a style coach, I’ve faced some challenging times and was in need of some guidance. I decided to invest in myself and my business during the past year of chaos & daily changes with one of the best business style coaches out of Atlanta, Mrs. Nikki Venus . Before taking out the time to invest within myself and joining the “Style Coach Academy” with amazing stylist and style coaches all over the world, I was low balling my prices with no real sight of my audience and understanding to niche down my preferred clients. Now, I’ve obtained knowledge and professionalism skills to build a greater foundation for my clients while giving them the best style tips to help them stay persistent and inspired because of my decision to invest in myself along with my brand.

My services are to help teach entrepreneur women how to “Embody & Embrace” their style struggles and gain confidence while choosing their professional branding wardrobe without getting overwhelmed, especially moms who feel very limited with time and maintaining their exquisite boss style. At J. Styles Studio, you will not only receive brand style coaching but also, hair care needs, lash services, nutrition options, videography, photography recommendations & more for your next brand shoot, business events and their boss lady lifestyle. I’m here to empower women like myself with female-led businesses to create the business of their dreams and turn it into a success story.

My advice to any young lady or woman that would like to pursue a boss lady lifestyle is always keep your faith, manifest your blessings & gain your inner strength even on your toughest days. Make sure you take time out & spend the money to invest in yourself because it will benefit your business growth. Most important… take pride in yourself and never limit your goals. Remember, that two peoples journeys are not the same, “EMBRACE YOUR JOURNEY”!

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Sasha’s Got A Secret

Accessories can make an outfit, the more the better. Sasha accessories queen and fashion stylist is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to this.

She sat down with Miss Larue to talk about how fashion and accessories is her passion.

Give us a little backstory about yourself

-I’m a fashion stylist based in The Philadelphia PA Area, I’m also a mom of 2 boys and they are my only & biggest motivation on this success journey that I’m on. I also have an accessory boutique that turned 1 in December of 2020 named “Sasha’s Accessory Secret”. We specialize in unique, trendy & affordable pieces to bring an added flare as well as bringing a look completely together. 

What made you want to start your business

-I’ve always been a huge accessory addict in reference to my personal style. Typically receiving compliments as well as being asked where I get my staple pieces from. So i figured I’d bring one of my favorite things being accessories to my passion of styling. It’s honestly the best decision I could’ve done because i enjoy what I do on every level. My motto is “Heavy On The Accessories”.. do really it seemed like a no brainer to start providing these statement pieces, some custom made, others sourced internationally but overall we have something for decertify whether you like more simple items or the flashy extra type of look.

What were some challenges have you faced and how did you overcome?

-I didn’t realize starting a business required so much patience, I automatically assumed because I get so much support regarding my styling & personal looks I post content wise on my social media platforms that the sales would come effortlessly. I was wrong, I had to create my own method to pretty much advertise as well as showcase how to style the pieces that I have for sell by posting consistent content. It was a slow start & it was a little discouraging, but having a strong mindset & staying consistent is what kept me pushing. 

What advice would you give someone who would like to start their own business?

-Never Give Up! Create your own lane if you feel like there isn’t one for you! On the good days, the bad days, the slow days, the days you don’t get any orders or inquiries keep putting your business in everybody’s faces! People see you, keep showing up!

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Email: booksasharose@gmail.com

Music’s Men of Style

Billboard magazine has four issues out – the pages are filled with the most stylish men in music. Sam Hunt, Adam Lambert, Wiz Khalifa and Miguel. Which cover will you choose?

Knights Personal Fitness Helping You Get Fit!!

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We all have that moment where we’re not quite happy with our physical appearance. We may need some help in getting fit and need that motivation.

Knights Personal Fitness is here to help with all your needs.
Checkout what they’re all about and how they can help you get that body tight and right.

What is the clubs philosophy on personal training?

We like our clients to follow four steps to keep them focus!
1. Do not start in groups! You are more likely to quit if your friend quits, or skip workouts if they skip. Do it for yourself.
2. Be consistent! You have to want it bad enough to stick with the plan. It’s not going to be easy but it is going to be worth it. If you can stay committed for the first three months , you can see real change.
3. Challenge Yourself! Do not let any type of weather, holidays, or other excuses keep you from following through your fitness plan.
4. Nutrition is extremely important. Most people underestimate the importance of clean eating. If you don’t eat clean you will lose weight but not inches.

Are you certified by a national organization?
Yes we are! We are certified with NFPT which is short for National Federation of Professional Trainers.
What type of people have you worked with before in an exercise setting?

We have worked with all types of people! From Clients who are mentally ill to the elderly. We also work with the kids in our Boxing Fitness program!

How do you help clients reach their goal?
We pride ourselves for making our clients comfortable. Knight’s Personal Fitness creates a family atmosphere in the gym. We are always available for our clients whether it’s encouragement with their eating habits or giving them workout assignments to do outside of the gym. Also sometimes we are there to just lend a ear because a lot of people don’t realize that being overweight can sometimes stem from deeper issues. We bring nothing but encouragement to them. They are part of the KPF family.

Any other info you want to add?
We are a fitness company based on the belief that our customers’ needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals. We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry. Check out our website at http://www.knightspersonalfitness.com!


Haus of kitty Larue host 1st radio segment show on fashion

Fashion stylist and media correspondent Stephanie Fairfax hosted her first fashion talk radio segment this past Tuesday.

Stephanie talked about body types, what clothing was suitable for your body type and the importance of good undergarments. If you missed it please login thenikkirichshow.com to take a listen


Young, Gifted & Talented: All Hail the Queen Young Mirah Supreme

16 and she sings, raps and writes, this Jersey City talented teen is coming your way with her take charge confident persona. Who is she? She goes by the name of “Mirah Supreme” checkout my Q&A with her.

Triple Threat Teen

Triple Threat Teen

What was your inspiration behind becoming a young female hip hop artist?
-I’ve always had a passion for music. Me and my mom lived with my grandmother until I was about 7yrs old. I was always inspired by the music she played around the house. There was alot of Phyllis Hyman, Whitney Houston, and Etta James etc. Everything about music kind of came naturally with that kind of atmosphere. I walked around just singing a lot, then family and friends started to tell me “hey your really good” so I was inspired to sing as well as rap. I joined every performing art class or school choir I could to help me along with that part of my craft. The rapper part of me was kind of a suprise. The first time I rapped I was pushed by a group of friends into a all guy rap battle in my school yard. I freestyled a little and lost that battle (lol) but held my own. I knew from that day on I wasnt trying to lose any more battles and thats when I also realized I had a passion for rap. I went home and I’ve been writing all types of music ever since. 😉

If you could record a song with any female hip hop artist who would it be?

-I would love to work with some of the “rappers before my time” such as Mc lyte and Queen Latifah etc. Through youtube and other radio shows I stumbled across a lot of their work and I just loved the confidence and the empowerment they were expressing. It encouraged me to be more expressive and confident. I immediately knew I wanted to be this type of artist.

Would you say as a young female it’s hard to get noticed in the industry?

-Absolutly, there are alot of talented artist’s out here. I know im unique and I have raw talent. However, it’s a must that I constantly show how versatile I am as an artist and in this industry your quickly put into a category. (I write/I sing /I rap from what I’m experiencing) people quickly judge a book by its cover (shes too girly looking or diva-ish to hang with the fellas). People will compare me to other females in this game or underestimate my abilities just because I’m a female or because of my age. I feel like I have to go extra hard when I’m compared to the male rappers in my city alone. I can only imagine how it will be once I’m officially in the industry. My plan is to go at it with no acknowledgment what so ever toward gender or appearance. I’m going to say what I feel on topics. I think people relate to experiences and what you speak from the heart. So hopefully the industry will be picking up and noticing all this realness soon ;).

How do you balance being a student and an artist?

– Well I must say it’s difficult at times but I know it is necessary. If I had a choice I’d be an artist full time. Music is always on my mind it gets hard to focus in school because I want to be in my room focusing on music( lol). However, I know that to become successful you cannot be uneducated. My mother is always pushing me to be well rounded, intelligent and I also know I need to have a back up plan.

Well Grounded

Well Grounded

Who is the most positive role model in your life and why?

-Of course my mother because she is so supportive in every way. She has done everything it takes for me to follow these dreams of mine regardless of how crazy they get ;). Nevertheless I’m learning what my mother means when she’s constantly saying ” it takes a village” between my family ,friends and even extended family members I have so many positive role model’s that encourage me and guide me daily. All my life I’ve been told your beautiful, talented, and that I can be whatever I want to be. I’ve seen my mother in the pass be a strong confident single mother and make it happen for me. I’ve truly always felt like a spoiled rich kid (lol). I’ve always seen her put her children first, she makes the impossible happen, I’m rarely told “no” lol. She makes me feel fearlessness and confident out of this world. Self esteem and confidence goes along way in this business so thanks mom ;).

Where do you see yourself in the future!

– Hopefully very rich! We don’t know what the future holds but I’m sure of one thing I will have success. whether its through singing rapping, writing or just getting my education I know my future is bright!

What words of wisdom do you want to give to your peers?

– No dream is too big, people will either love what you do or dislike it but you have to believe in yourself be confident be you be a “swag monsta”!

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Manager/PR: Shakeema Bryant