Coachella: Guy Style! 

Hey fellas! Are you ready for music and art? 

Coachella is the place to be and its taking place April 15-24th in Indio, California. 

Take a look of some of my favorite fashion picks, these items you can throw in your back and have a fun filled week.    

Prom 2016

Prom season is soon upon us and you still can’t figure out what you want to wear?

I have some of my favorite picks for all. Prom fashion is not your traditional gown anymore. It’s your own personal style. 

Take a look and see if you can put your own twist to these looks. 


Spring Break – Guy Edition 

 Hey fellas! You’re ditching those books to hit the beach, checkout the ladies and hit the local bars?!?

I have a couple of style ideas you can put together, before you hit those streets. And the ladies will love it! 


Nyfw- Kitty’s Style

This is my 4th season working nyfw and it’s always a blast checking out the hottest fashion.

I picked some outfits that you may want to try while attending the shows and parties.