Caterpillar 2 Butterfly (Miyadior)

Give us a little backstory about yourself

Hey y’all, I’m Miyadior and I’m an Entertainer and Entrepreneur. As luck would have it, my calling in life isn’t the easiest of routes. I’ve been an artist of the performing arts since I could walk, professionally trained from childhood throughout college. But I also am a mover and shaker, which means I like to make money! While working on my craft, I always had a side hustle going on as soon as I was old enough to understand business. Whether it was doing hair (full blow outs, dyes, braids) to makeup, bartending/bar management, direct selling adult toys, personal assisting and keeping books, one thing I’ve mastered is how to handle different personalities while making money.

What made you want to start your business?

I’ve always had a go getter spirit. I have never been the type to wait for anyone to resolve my issues, YES, even as a kid! What has motivated me to start my new business ventures is not only the drive I have inside, my 2 children, but also watching how everything I’ve worked so hard for over the last 15 years be swept swiftly away by this global pandemic. It’s absolutely outstanding how life can throw those major curveballs. While I can admit I cried and felt a minute of self pity, it took me all but 5 minutes after being laid off from my then corporate job to apply for my LLC! There is something so scary yet thrilling to start over from zero! I didn’t hesitate to initiate the moves. I didn’t know how or when, but I made the intent and first steps to get the ball rolling.

What were some challenges have you faced and how did you overcome?

Challenges are a part of the game! You have to accept that as easily as you accept your successes. Apart from my entertainment career in music and acting, I’m currently the process of launching a kidswear line – you have no idea how many manufacturers, designers and everything in between I have communicated with. But it all comes down to capital! I ran an a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to help me launch my line. Though it proved unsuccessful, in the end I gained insight on how much support I truly do have from friends, family and strangers!

In addition, I’ve also invested into myself in other business ventures. I’m proud to say that I am IRS certified in all 50 states as a Tax Professional, I am also an Credit Repair and Mortgage Loan advisor. What’s the challenge in this you may ask? TRUST! Retaining clients is not the easiest of tasks especially with such sensitive personal information! I am learning the value of creating rapport and how important it is to walk with confidence.

Most recently I have delved back into the world of Beauty and Wellness by becoming an official Market Partner with Monat, something I am so wildly passionate about. As a makeup artist, skincare is the most important factor to me in beauty. And if you follow my Instagram stories, you’ll see I’m super active in the gym and dance studio. Staying fit and having clear skin is my top priority in my self care routine, so it made sense for me to work with a company that stands for what I stand for. The challenge here is that a lot of people don’t trust direct marketing, as we may all have our reservations. But I see it like this- we trust big celebrity brands just off the strength of their names not knowing exactly what it is that they’re selling to us. I’ve built a solid following via social media. I share everything I try product wise when it comes to my own skincare struggles. Man oh man when I tell you I think I found the Holy Grail, I mean it!

What advice would you give someone who would like to start their own business?

The best advice I can share with anyone who would like to start a business is to just START! Like now! You don’t have to have a perfect plan, because that plan and many other will be scrapped! You learn as you go. Educate yourself. Align yourself with people with similar ventures who have years and years on you. Learn from them. Understand that not everyone will support you, and you can’t take that to heart. Sometimes people who are the closest to you will envy you the most because they see you putting in the work they themselves don’t put in. There will be long days and even longer nights. But if you stick to the vision and allow yourself to fail up, you will succeed. You already succeeded the moment you you decided to START!

Steph Miya
Instagram/Twitter @miyadior

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