I See Dope Fashion: 6ixthsense Clothing

A little back story about me, basically I’m a mom of a 17 year old, not married (yet) I’m currently employed as a operations analyst. I’m a lover of my culture intrigued by all the many facets that is black. I’m a everyday women.

I wanted to start a business because I love fashion, I love shopping getting dressed up being cute picking out things for others to be cute basically anything fashion. I had all these creative ideas in my mind that I wanted to bring to life. I was moved when everything going on in the world racism, police brutality,inequality everything and I wanted to create something my people could wear and be proud of, and it was born a leisure line Royaltyé Noire which means black royalty.

Some challenges I face are funding, trying to secure loans or grants to bring all my ideas to fruition. I also had a hard time finding access locally to vendors and manufacturers I needed. I haven’t completely overcome these challenges but I work through them google is my best friend I also ask questions I’m not scared to ask people who I think can help me. As far as the funding I buckled down a lot I went into my savings and just hustled.

My advice is write everything down, think of all that can go wrong and throw it out of your mind. Stay positive, pray, speak affirmations to yourself . Get one confidant and pour your heart to them, when your excited about your new venture your going to want to tell someone don’t only tell your confidant. Good vibes brings good things.
I don’t have it all together but I’m just motivated and I’ve always been a hustler a mover and a shaker so I know my business will be great.

My contact info is Quiana Gibson

Instagram: 6ixth Sense Clothing Brand Facebook: 6ixth Sense Clothing Brand Website: 6ixthsenseclothing.com Email:info@6ixthsenseclothing.com

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