Sew Fax

My name is Alicia Fairfax Harper, I have always been a creative at heart and loved to customize my clothing. I have always had an eccentric and vibrant look as far as my clothing is concerned. Colors, shapes and various textiles have always caught my eye. I would have to say I have always been intrigued with how a few yards of fabric could be turned into something fabulous!

I went to Africa with my mother a couple of years ago and collected a few patches in the hopes of adding it to a coat or something. I held on to them for sometime and one day came across them as I was going through everything I acquired from my trip. I realized I wanted to do more with them. I asked my husband (at that time fiancé) to grab me a couple of hoodies when he ran to Walmart. By the end of the week I had attached my patches to the arm of one of the sweatshirts but the front was blank. I proudly showed him what I had done with them but explained how I was lost as to what to put on the front. A month before it was prophesied to me to “get with my fabrics” so was already in the process of making various garments with my sewing machine but never really saw it as a business. A name was given to me in one of my morning prayers. Sew Fax came about. Sew instead of so and my maiden name is Fairfax from there came fax (instead of facts). A few people saw the pieces I had made for myself and husband, loved it, and wanted a creation of their own. I customized each and every garment specific to each customer to their present story as well as their future story. So here I am today!

Some challenges I have faced have been mental blocks and a period of lack of creativity. But in those moments it’s so important to remember why you started and most importantly what you loved most about it. Prayer, fresh air like a walk in the park or a quick trip to the fabric store always seems to do it for me. Oh getting multiple orders at one time! Never get overwhelmed with the workload. No matter how much you have to get done take your time. Space out your turnaround time accordingly to ensure your standard of quality NEVER gets compromised.

If you want to start a business GO FOR IT! Always remember to have a strategy in please as well as a plan, written out so that you can visualize it, of where  you want to go. I believe everything is a learning experience, including mistakes. The rise, the setbacks, even the times where it seems to be stagnant. My business is still fresh so I don’t consider myself an expert but the most important thing one can do is believe in yourself (I know it’s cliché, but it’s true) and in the capability of God. A good idea is alright but a God idea will never fail!!!


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