Mommy Means Businesses

My name is Tasha, I am a mother of 2 and a wife to my childhood sweetheart.
I am a self described serial entrepreneur. I am the founder and Chief Visionary of Sweet Escape Expos LLC a premier street festival and business expo company as well as co author and publisher along with my 12 year old son Dean F. Scott of The Barnes & Noble in store best seller Mia Londons Perfectly Perfectly Perfect Pajamas®️ childrens book. I go where my heart leads me weather it’s publishing books to curating festivals for the culture. I learned early on from my mother & Aunt Ann about multiple streams of income and doing what you love while working with and mirroring them.
My mom and aunt own their own multifaceted Company Sisters Working Together where they would do everything from festival food to private art shows. This was the foundation of me becoming the person I am today.

Sweet Escape Expos LLC came to me randomly in 2012 while pregnant with my daughter Mia on total bed rest. I thought to myself it would be nice to have a expo that focuses on all local bakeries & confection companies and from there while laying in the bed for 5 months I developed the Sweet Escape Confection & Dessert Expo which featured over 100 local dessert companies with over 2000 attending the 1st year to 3000 the second. From there I branched off to curating food truck festivals for local townships as well as the yearly anticipated Do It For The Culture Shopping Experience which brings together over 100 hand selected black owned companies for a once of a kind experience all to themed music.

My biggest challenge to date has to be the trademark battle my children and I had to deal with regarding the name of our book Mia London’s Perfectly Pajamas®️.
Mia London®️ is my daughters name however someone else also held a trademark for the same name and we did as well under a different category.
It took a year and a half to resolve and all of our books and products were placed on hold. However we have a bomb lawyer Ms. Jordan B. Franklin ESQ who put in that work.

My main and biggest advise to ALL who are starting a business would be to secure and lock your trademark before doing anything. Please do not just say “I’m working it. “Yes we have it.” Just because you think you are ok. Really you are not. I am a huge advocate for small business owners securing their trademark and try to help as many as I can through the process as it can be lengthy and confusing.
Thank you

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