Jerzey Cloth

My Name Is Jermaine Hailey aka Ceiz

By day I am a Software Engineer, I work for a digital agency in New York. (Deutsch Inc). By night I own a custom T shirt business called Jerzey Cloth where I make t-shirts for various occasions along with shirts I design for everyday wear. I also have my own brand call “Rich Poverty”

What made me want to start my business is the lack of appreciation that big organizations have for the black dollar, we put so much of our hard earned money into these big brands and they constantly show that they have no respect for the black consumer. I’ve always been into fashion and I never needed to wear name brand things to look nice so I decided to no longer wear big brands and to create what I wanted.

The challenges I faced were the learning curves that you go through as a business owner; Reaching out to vendors, trying to get them to understand your vision and create something that represents yourself and brand correctly. Money wasted, time spent and many other mistakes you make when starting a business. The biggest challenge is having the mental strength and capability to not give up when everything is going wrong.

Advice that I would give is to always bet on yourself, trust the process and never quit. You learn so much more through hardship and tribulation then you ever will in comfort 

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Instagram: jerzeycloth

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