Ekima is a Boss Lady!

I was born and raised Jersey city. I’m a 41 year old single mother of two.

I started Boss Lady Diva’s in January 2020. We are a non-profit organization now.

What made me start a social club?

I went thorough a challenging divorce and I had a good friend and females to lean on through the process. So I sat and said what if I put together a group of females where we uplift each other. Do charity work, open businesses together, go on trips together and simply just hold each other down, how powerful would that be for us women. I then put my plan into play.

Some of the challenges I faced

Wow you will be surprised. I was told it couldn’t be done, I was told to be advised by other people, I was told it’s a lot of work. I overcame all of that by knowing what I wanted, having a vision, proper planning and communication and just remaining humble. Another challenge I had was actually becoming a labeled Social Club. We are actually what you call a outlaw social club (in the s.c world). We are our own women we are not under any one nor do we take orders from anyone.We do the same things as a regular social club but we make our own rules and in our own lane.

The advise I would give a person starting their own business is Want It! Plan It! proper planning prevents poor performance. Stay focused! Learn from challenges make them lessons, stay motivated and humble.*

Extra -We are always open to new members.We are a club of 12 today.*

Contact info- Ekima Brandon,Cell (201) 716-9658,

Email –brandon.ekima@yahoo.com,


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