Mommy Means Businesses

My name is Tasha, I am a mother of 2 and a wife to my childhood sweetheart.
I am a self described serial entrepreneur. I am the founder and Chief Visionary of Sweet Escape Expos LLC a premier street festival and business expo company as well as co author and publisher along with my 12 year old son Dean F. Scott of The Barnes & Noble in store best seller Mia Londons Perfectly Perfectly Perfect Pajamas®️ childrens book. I go where my heart leads me weather it’s publishing books to curating festivals for the culture. I learned early on from my mother & Aunt Ann about multiple streams of income and doing what you love while working with and mirroring them.
My mom and aunt own their own multifaceted Company Sisters Working Together where they would do everything from festival food to private art shows. This was the foundation of me becoming the person I am today.

Sweet Escape Expos LLC came to me randomly in 2012 while pregnant with my daughter Mia on total bed rest. I thought to myself it would be nice to have a expo that focuses on all local bakeries & confection companies and from there while laying in the bed for 5 months I developed the Sweet Escape Confection & Dessert Expo which featured over 100 local dessert companies with over 2000 attending the 1st year to 3000 the second. From there I branched off to curating food truck festivals for local townships as well as the yearly anticipated Do It For The Culture Shopping Experience which brings together over 100 hand selected black owned companies for a once of a kind experience all to themed music.

My biggest challenge to date has to be the trademark battle my children and I had to deal with regarding the name of our book Mia London’s Perfectly Pajamas®️.
Mia London®️ is my daughters name however someone else also held a trademark for the same name and we did as well under a different category.
It took a year and a half to resolve and all of our books and products were placed on hold. However we have a bomb lawyer Ms. Jordan B. Franklin ESQ who put in that work.

My main and biggest advise to ALL who are starting a business would be to secure and lock your trademark before doing anything. Please do not just say “I’m working it. “Yes we have it.” Just because you think you are ok. Really you are not. I am a huge advocate for small business owners securing their trademark and try to help as many as I can through the process as it can be lengthy and confusing.
Thank you

Jerzey Cloth

My Name Is Jermaine Hailey aka Ceiz

By day I am a Software Engineer, I work for a digital agency in New York. (Deutsch Inc). By night I own a custom T shirt business called Jerzey Cloth where I make t-shirts for various occasions along with shirts I design for everyday wear. I also have my own brand call “Rich Poverty”

What made me want to start my business is the lack of appreciation that big organizations have for the black dollar, we put so much of our hard earned money into these big brands and they constantly show that they have no respect for the black consumer. I’ve always been into fashion and I never needed to wear name brand things to look nice so I decided to no longer wear big brands and to create what I wanted.

The challenges I faced were the learning curves that you go through as a business owner; Reaching out to vendors, trying to get them to understand your vision and create something that represents yourself and brand correctly. Money wasted, time spent and many other mistakes you make when starting a business. The biggest challenge is having the mental strength and capability to not give up when everything is going wrong.

Advice that I would give is to always bet on yourself, trust the process and never quit. You learn so much more through hardship and tribulation then you ever will in comfort 

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Get Bodied By Tamika

Give us a little backstory about yourself

My name is Tamika Harden, during my childhood and adolescence I was over weight. I hated being over weight with a passion. Both children and adults were often mean which, negatively impacted my self image. When I turned 16yrs old I joined my very first health club, without the help of an adult. That’s how bad I wanted it. Through hard work I lost 40lbs and fell in love with fitness. At the young age of 19 I was hired to manage and operator the very same fitness club where it all started. Losing weight for me was my first major life Accomplishment. An Accomplishment that taught me I had the power to change anything in my life that I did not like. That discovery led to the desire to become a fitness trainer. I wanted to help others change their lives through fitness, the way it changed mine.

What made you want to start your business?

Starting my own business was both the hardest decision to make and the most rewarding Decision I’ve made. For over 15 years I’ve worked for several fitness companies. At first it seemed both scary and hard to start my own business. I allowed years of fear to hold me back until one day I said to myself , why don’t you just do what you love. That was 3.5 years ago. My first fitness experience taught me the power of change. It taught me that with the right tools and support one could accomplish goals that once seemed impossible. I wanted to guide people through the lifestyle change process. That’s how Body By Tamika was born.

What were some challenges have you faced and how did you overcome?

Growing up experiencing both poverty and drug addiction, I’m used to fighting through obstacles . Unfortunately, I don’t know it any other way . My life experiences have made me resilient and has motivated me to keep going. I want to use my experiences to help strengthen and motivate others. Fear and lack of resources almost destroyed my dreams or entrepreneurialship. Instead through hard work I turned adversity into opportunity and Body By Tamika was born.

What advice would you give someone who would like to start their own business?

If you can’t stop thinking about, if you can’t stop dreaming about, If you enjoy to do it for free, then it sounds like you have discovered your passion. My advice is to find like minded individuals or mentors that can help you create a plan. Don’t allow fear to hold you back. Fear is something that doesn’t yet exist. Don’t allow something that hasn’t happened yet stop you from living your purpose.

Get Framed By K

My name is Kasmereia. I was born and raised in Jersey City, New Jersey. I’m the owner and CEO of Framedbyk. FramedbyK is an online business I created to sell shades for women, men, children & various accessories for the shades. I recently added two new items to my inventory, T-shirt’s and sweat shirts with my company slogan. It reads “Never Throwing Shade, But Always Shaded” & I’m very excited about this new addition.

What made you want to start a business?

Honestly, I’ve always been into fashion. I love shopping and looking good. Whether cheap or expensive, if I like it, I buy it. But what gave me that extra push to start my business is, I’ve ALWAYS had family and close friends ask me to either dress them or assist them with finding outfits for special occasions. My fashion advice is always being solicited. I’m very passionate about what I contribute to and because of this I would really take my time, search for different pieces and put them together based on their style, needs and preferences. Eventually I sat back one day & thought to myself , “I really have a great eye and can really use this talent helping others look and feel good”. The first thing that came to my mind was shades. The weather was warming up and I knew how much ppl loved a nice pair of shades to compliment an outfit. I chose this particular product because shades are very versatile and can be worn with almost anything, anytime & anywhere.

What were some challenges have you faced and how did you overcome? 

Thankfully, I haven’t really faced any tough challenges thus far, and as I stated previously I am extremely thankful for that. By no means am I saying they can’t or won’t happen because I am fully aware that when running a business any and everything can happen. Whether, good or bad. However, I will say that I will credit the lack of challenges I’ve had to a few things I’ve learned while running my business. Some of which are, that Time Management Is Key. Never take on more than you can manage at one given time and Never guarantee anything if you’re unsure! In the beginning I also learned that Presentation and Professionalism is key. The way you present yourself and products, will determine your success and loyalty with customers. Lastly, If you don’t think highly of your brand, neither will anyone else.

What advice would you give someone who would like to start their own business?

Never give up on yourself! No matter how many times you get it wrong, keep going and pushing. There will be many doubters but even more supporters and believers. Most importantly, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. Nothing great happened over night. Running a business is stressful but if it’s something you love and always wanted to do, everything will work itself out.

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Beards & Baldheads

My name is Jason “Phatlace” Edwards. I’m from Plainfield, NJ. I graduated from Long Island University Brooklyn campus with a degree in Media Arts. While in school I had my own on campus radio show and had a full athletic scholarship from track and field. After graduating I did some work with BET on a show called “The Center”. I was a part of the Center Crew for 2 years from 05 to the end of the show in 07. I also did some extra work on shows like The Chapelle Show and was a MC for the Jazz band The Supa Lowery Bros. Through this whole time I maintained paying my bills in the education field ,teaching and coaching while pursuing my passion for media.

What made me start my show Beards n Baldheads was I wanted to keep pursuing my passion for hosting but I needed a purpose bigger than just myself. I created my platform to praise hair stylist ,barbers and shed more light on the hair culture. I believe the people in this profession have been not been as appreciated in media properly so let me be the person to do it. To me their is nothing like the confidence one can have after getting a fresh cut or hair style.

Some of the challenges I faced in my journey have been staying true to my mission even when others have their opinions of how I should do my show. My mission is to do God’s work by praising and empowering others. When you do God’s work the Devil is always around trying to put his spirits in others to deter ones mission. So I always have to keep my faith and stay consistent.

The advice I have for others when starting their own business is to keep their faith and don’t let anyone stop you from pursuing your dream. The people closest to you will be the ones with negative energy and try to bring you down and not always on purpose. Stay true to yourself and keep working on your craft. Also be willing to always strengthen aspects of the business for improvement. Most importantly have fun!!!

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Fitstreet Lifestyle

We all want to be fit, sometimes we need that personal touch to help us reach our goal. We sat down with personal trainer Courtney Thomas to talk about why he started his fitness business and challenges he faced along the way.

What made you want to start your business?

I started out as a trainer over 5 years ago. I chose fitness as a career because I realized that I was passionate about it and the things I had been doing personally were starting to yield positive results. After working for a commercial gym for a couple years I realized that their goals and my goals weren’t aligned. It seemed like they were just running a business and concerned about the dollar. I do what I do because I’m concerned about each individual I train and about those close to me.

What were some challenges have you faced and how did you overcome?

The biggest challenge has been the transition to virtual training since co-vid. The challenge was to make the move of providing all services on my own without the support of the gym. I’ve had real success business wise. I am now fully running my own business mostly from my apartment and it has given me a much clearer direction of what I want to do post co-vid.

The other challenges are just trying to standout in a very crowded industry. Seems like everyone is a trainer nowadays (insert eye roll). Seriously though it’s hard for trainers and being a black trainer doesn’t really make it easier. You don’t see many of us in the mainstream of trainers. Standing out for me just means being myself. Trusting that the person I’ve worked on being up to this points is more than capable of getting the job done. Belief in yourself is non negotiable when you are an entrepreneur if you ask me.

What advice would you give someone who would like to start their own business?

DO IT! Don’t be afraid of failure. Of course do your research and ask for advice but the only way you’ll know is if you do. I’ll also say this: to run a business and be successful you either have to love what you are doing or love to win. Preferably both!

Courtney Thomas
Lifestyle Coach NASM. TRX. SCW BOXING732.237.6342:

J Love is Essential

Mommy of 3 , independent artist known as J SASS from Jersey city born and raised. I am currently working in Personnel for the Hudson County Correction in Kearny NJ., and last but not least I have a cleaning service I do on the weekends called Light Worker Services where I give my clients home a detailed deep cleaning . I am a black women with many traits 🙂

I been waiting to start Love Essentials for a while and I decided what better time then now , I looked at my life and ask myself , “Self what do you enjoy doing that could possible be a way to create and make money at the same time “ Plus I wanted to show my children that we can create our own way even if has already been done before. We all have to start from somewhere.

Some of my challenges was timing and money .I realize no matter what there will always be something , bills , obstacles or whatever to try and stop you . So by making 1 step a day towards your goal is progress in my book . I had to remind myself of Divine timing and slow & steady wins the race. I’m still facing challenges but I wont give up because I am truly enjoying this beautiful journey to success . My advice is to pray , research , plan , get a notebook to write down all your goals and most of all be patient. The more you work on your business the better your business will be . Put in 100% and put LOVE in all that you do .

In my family it’s not a lot of business owners small or big . Even when I look at the people around me. I don’t see people doing what they love so I decided to go for mines and create something out of LOVE . God blessed us all with unique gifts , it’s our job to figure out what we are good at and work towards being our best selves. Love Essentials is an online store where you can find Hand made products like Lip Essentials: glosses, Lip scrubs , Lip balm Hand made Soaps , Oil fragrances, Bath Soaks and coming very soon scented Candles , Yoni Steam cleanses & Crystal infused Oils all set with good intentions of positivity & most of all LoVe !!!

My contact info is email my IG is @jloveessentials my website is

Get Groomed by TMCGROOMING

My name is Vanessa Holland. I’m a knowledgeable licensed Esthetician. I’m the owner of The Mapenzi Collection aka TMCgrooming. I’ve been in the beauty industry for over 20 yrs and licensed as a professional for 12+. I’m a mother of a grown up man child lol and I’m entering into the next phase of my Health and Wellness business.

I started my business 18yrs ago when my sons father was murdered. I wanted to be able to be accessible to my son and the events he joined so in decided to go into business for myself. I initially started making bath and body products but felt like I wanted to do more.

Wow, some of the challenges… there were definitely many. I had just finished esthetician school and the morning of my exam my grandmother took her last breath in my arms. I still got up and went to Christine Valmey and passed my Esthetics exam on the first try. I went into male grooming because of my son. I knew I couldn’t teach him how to be a man but I could teach him how to be well groomed and respectful to woman.

Advice for those interested in starting their own business: Just do it! Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Get a mentor or someone who is doing exactly what you want to do. Fill out for small business information and just do it!!!!

Ekima is a Boss Lady!

I was born and raised Jersey city. I’m a 41 year old single mother of two.

I started Boss Lady Diva’s in January 2020. We are a non-profit organization now.

What made me start a social club?

I went thorough a challenging divorce and I had a good friend and females to lean on through the process. So I sat and said what if I put together a group of females where we uplift each other. Do charity work, open businesses together, go on trips together and simply just hold each other down, how powerful would that be for us women. I then put my plan into play.

Some of the challenges I faced

Wow you will be surprised. I was told it couldn’t be done, I was told to be advised by other people, I was told it’s a lot of work. I overcame all of that by knowing what I wanted, having a vision, proper planning and communication and just remaining humble. Another challenge I had was actually becoming a labeled Social Club. We are actually what you call a outlaw social club (in the s.c world). We are our own women we are not under any one nor do we take orders from anyone.We do the same things as a regular social club but we make our own rules and in our own lane.

The advise I would give a person starting their own business is Want It! Plan It! proper planning prevents poor performance. Stay focused! Learn from challenges make them lessons, stay motivated and humble.*

Extra -We are always open to new members.We are a club of 12 today.*

Contact info- Ekima Brandon,Cell (201) 716-9658,

Email –,