If You Build It They Will Come

My name is Tamika Lowe, I was born and raised in Newark. I graduated from Weequahic High School class of 93. I don’t have children, but I’ve been married since 12/12/12. My childhood was not bad at all, but I’ve had many health challenges and many surgeries from the day I was born. I was born with Hirshsprung disease. I wore a colostomy until about 2 years old. As an adult I live with Endometriosis. I had a traumatic life experience during a surgery in 2009, but I’m here today to live to my full potential. I followed many of Dr. Sebi’s beliefs which inspired me to change my eating habits. I never was a horrible eater, because of Hirshsprung, but the changes allow me to live with little to no pain from Endometriosis.

In 2009 I opened a boutique I named after my family name Lowe, named Lowe Key Fashion Finds. I ran the boutique as a brick and mortar until 2014. After closing my boutique, I went to school for real estate where I became a realtor with Weichert Realtors. In 2015, I started investing in real estate. I fixed and flipped homes in Union County, NJ. By 2017 I became a licensed contractor and built a team to renovate properties for home owners. Today in 2020, I wear 2 hats of being a full-time realtor and licensed general contractor.

My mother inspired me to start by business. At the age of 23 years old, I became a home owner. My mother was a real estate investor whom wholesaled properties and did clean-outs for banks. At the age of 23 years old my mother would always tell me how she felt I would be good for real estate, but I focused trying to build a career in accounting, but deep down inside I knew being entrepreneur was my focus as well. After getting married real estate was our focus. We tried using agents, but were not satisfied. We purchased a investment property, but was not happy with the contractor. After seeing poor work ethics in the people I hired, I felt it was a sign to build my own businesses.

I’m married and my husband has always been very supportive with anything I do and is very much involved in real estate. My professional life has never been a problem in my marriage. My husband promote me and send me lots of business.

Owning a business and being a license realtor go hand and hand, but not having a strong team can be and has been a big problem in the past. I’ve always told myself, “I will not take on ore than I can handle”. There are times where I may not be able to take a job or start a job right away, because I’m working with another job. I’m always able to stop work to show houses, but one of my challenges is paperwork. Doing paperwork for real estate and the contracting company is a full-time job within itself. I get it done and because I’m territorial due to me trying to grow my business hiring help for paperwork is almost impossible at this time.

I would advise anyone looking to start their own business to stay focused, don’t get discouraged and if or once your business start to grow don’t start spending fast. Always be prepared for raining days, create a emergency fund and always look to expand your business.
6. Right now business is great for me and especially as a woman. I took a carpentry class in 2019-20 where I learned a lot, because working with wood was not something I did. I’m adding more certifications to my business in the future and working on my own CBD company to launch at the end of 2020. I’ve become a bit of a serial entrepreneur. I make time for what I want, but traveling is my happy place.

Tamika LoweRealtorWeichert
123 Lincoln HighwayEdison, NJ 08820Office: 732.494.6800Cell: 732.874.0889Fax: 732.603.9626www.tamikalowesellsnj.com

Dipped In Honey

Give us a little backstory about you

I started making & selling jewelry since I was in high school but it wasn’t until Dec 2011 that I decided to start my own business. Honey Accessories started Dec 18, 2011.

If married or have kids (how do you balance family and work)

No I’m not married and I don’t have any kids 😁

What made you want to start your business?

Fashion / styling I always had a thing for accessories. My favorite accessories are sunglasses and a nice pair of hoops. I love how you can do so many things with accessories. You can take a basic outfit and pair it with the right accessories to make it look like a million dollar outfit.

What were some challenges have you faced and how did you overcome them?

Believe it or not I’m shy and I’m still working on it 😂😂 but once I get to know you I’m an open book.

Who would you love to work with? Who have you worked with?

I want to work with Beyonce 🙌🏽 (speaking it to existence) I have worked with a lot of people. From Angela Simmons, Claudette Ortiz, Big Ang, also several ladies from love and hip hop, mob wives and r&b divas.

What advice would you give someone who would like to get into the business?

Having your own business isn’t easy there will be a lot of long nights, don’t expect everyone support you because they won’t. When I first started all I did was vend at various events just to get my name out there. Lastly, when you start a business make sure you love doing it and your passionate about it.

Kwame’s Vision: Serving Breakfast Jams Now That’s Genius

What inspired you to do a brunch set?

I’m always on line searching for new ways to push the envelope . 

When I saw D Nice bring on line DJing to the national stage and other artists doing their solo quarantine shows , I wondered what could be done next ? 

Imagine a online festival ? That’s how the idea was born . 

What was your process in picking some of the dopest hip hop artists for your set? Was it challenging?

The picking process was easy . I literally went through my phone .

And as I talked to one artist they recommended others . It was a bit overwhelming. Then my idea started going viral and Artists that I wouldn’t even imagine reaching out to contacted me . The biggest challenge was getting artist to commit to the time schedule and effectively join the live feed . 

If you could have your fans remember anything from this day what would it be?

The bigger thing I want anyone to take from this is , a small idea can go along way if you commit to it . 

Once I locked in to making it happen things fell into place . Even up to 1 hr before I went live . I didn’t expect more than 500 people to join . We had up to 20k in the room at one point ! My phone froze , people clogged the request area my computer playing the music blacked out . But yet I pressed on and it was a great success. So much so we are doing it again on 4/18 !

What have you been working on and what can we look forward from you in the future?

While this “lockdown” is happening I will continue to do my part in helping to uplift spirits . Besides the next “One Song Breakfast Jam “ , every Saturday I will host a classic Hip Hop set “Saturday MorningTunes “ . I hope everyone joins in and has fun . 

I currently have a label “Make Noise “ distributed by SRG/ Universal Music . I am releasing Vivian Green’s 7th album in Aug . 

Currently her single “Light Up “ is out & a new song “Where You Are” will be released early May . 

I also have a rapper named Bobby J From Rockaway with a current album out entitled “Summer Classics “ .

I urge everyone especially the African American & Latino community to be aware of the seriousness of Covid-19.

In 2 weeks I personally know 6 people who have passed . Listening to rumors especially the ones telling us that “ Blacks can’t get it “ or “This is a hoax” is extremely dangerous. Please take the proper precautions & let’s push through and get back to normal .

Social media handles :Instagram : KwamevisionTwitter : KwameDiditFacebook : KwameTheBoyGenius