Fly Girl Friday: Poetic Paradise

Give us a little backstory about you.

I was born and raised in Jersey City, New Jersey. I was introduced to poetry in elementary school and began writing at a very young age. I found my love and passion for poetry amongst fellow poets at “Bogies” a small venue at the time, in East Orange, New Jersey. I’ve traveled to New York City, Philadelphia, Maryland, Virginia and South Carolina reciting poetry, of which I describe as sharing my gift/testimony.

It is through the relationship that I’ve established with God that I’ve developed a better understanding of my gifts and purpose. To speak life into lifeless situations, to be an advocate and voice for the voiceless and plant seeds of faith and hope for the hopeless.

What made you want to start your business


I’ve dedicated 20 years to my current employer.  Using that dedication,  knowledge, my experience and skills, coupled with the attainment of my associate’s and bachelor’s in criminal justice, I thought… “WHY THE HELL NOT”!

Most importantly, MY GIFT IS NOT FOR ME. Yet, it is to inspire, uplift and motivate others. It is my purpose! My purpose, to reach, teach, help and enlighten others. For POETRY IS INDEED THERAPHY!

If parent or married, how do you balance work and home?

Balancing work and home as a single mom can be difficult at times and honestly, I don’t always find the balance.  I allow margins for error, hiccups if you will.  Currently, I work full time as an Administrative Assistant, I work overtime as a single mom and time-and-a-half, trying my best to balance my business, “Thee A.R.T. Of Paradise”.  Entrepreneurship wasn’t something that was taught to me.  Thus, starting a business came with many challenges.  However, I was taught to work hard and diligently, and so I have.  Surrounding myself with the right networks, partnerships and discipline is where I find balance. 

What were some challenges have you faced and how did you overcome?

Most recently, I decided to sprint feverishly into my calling and purpose, by launching my Open Mic and Poetry Series (in South Jersey), called “In My House”.  Literally, two hours before my first event I was shocked by a phone call from my physician informing me that I had breast cancer.  Nonetheless, the show that night did go on; as I made the executive decision to “carry on”. I am so happy I did.  Despite the many hiccups, the show was a success. As, I’ve mentioned before, “Poetry is my therapy”! However, things suddenly came to a halt, as I found myself preparing for unexpecting life altering events.  I underwent surgery and I am currently undergoing radiation therapy.  Nonetheless, I knew I had to regroup and reorder things.  Instead of facilitating Poetry Readings and frequenting local Open Mics, I simply write, write, and write some more.  I find myself using many social media platforms to continue my love and passion for spoken word.  I’ve used my recovery time to revamp my business and of course I follow many Artist who offer inspiration. I’m looking forward to performing at an Open Mic and reintroducing my “ Poetry Series” very soon; as I have new poems to share.  

What advice would you give someone who would like to start their own business?


Don’t stop. Don’t give up. Keep pushing. Don’t listen to the naysayers . Keep believing. NEVER STOP DREAMING. You are your hardest critic…don’t be so hard on yourself!! When they tell you “no” use it as fuel. When they tell “you can’t”, use it to prove them wrong EVERYTIME. Practice makes perfect!!



Kye Is Pretty On Purpose

A lot of people don’t know that I started out customizing all the hats and beanies you’ve seen on your favorite reality star. My brand was originally called ‘Trendambassada’ and 
* I was at home watching basketball wives and I seen all these trucker hats the ladies used to wear back in 2013/2014 and I said I could do these hats way better no disrespect to them. And I just got the ground running lol In 2015 I changed my business name to Pretty on purpose because I got diagnosed with depression. So I promised myself everything would have purpose moving forward 

What made you want to start your business
If parent or married, how do you balance work and home?

I’m neither a parent or married. I’ve been with my finance for 6 years engaged for 8 months now and honestly it’s very hard and I still get distracted to this day to share the time and attention between him and my family and my business. I also am a project manager on my job and that includes 10 hour days not adding the commute. I prioritize my days and understand that everyday won’t be about one thing and I’m okay with that. Saturday’s and Tuesday’s I make a choice to be absent from my business so that I can focus more on personal things.

What were some challenges have you faced and how did you overcome?

Omg the challenges were many! From people trying to steal my content, to getting blocked in court by Kate Spade to use my name to my own so called friends pretending to be my business manager in the very beginning when I started so they could get invited to fashion shows and get free stuff! Lol I used to get asked to ‘style’ on very popular reality shows but never received any style credit and it would make me cry like a baby lol.But I bossed up, got an actual lawyer and learned the right way to do business.

What advice would you give someone who would like to start their own business?

My advice to anyone trying to start a business is FIRST AND FOREMOST be original! That copying only get you so far. SECONDLY do your homework in the business you want to be a part of.THIRD do not expect your friends or family to support you on your walk. The vision is yours and no one can take that from you. Some will try but don’t be discouraged. And LASTLY you are the Sh!t if you can invision it you can certainly manifest it!

Info. Prettyonpurpose@gmail.comWebsite:

Shatequa Has The Elegant Touch

What started me and what made me want to start my business, well I have always been into designing and putting things together and I would always help out family and friends with their events that they were having .

I would do it for free then it got to a point where I was doing it a lot more and outsiders were asking me, at first I would say no but a friend of mine told me that I was doing so well that I need to get myself out there in the public so that’s what I did and I started doing home interior decorating.

I started doing parties I started helping at weddings I started doing my own parties I started decorating people’s homes for the holidays as well and it’s been 2 years now that I have my LLC that I have been legally license I’ve been doing it already for about 12 years now.

I am a parent of to have an 18 year old son and a ten-year-old daughter as well as I have a regular job I work as a Longshore woman on the docks I drive a machine that 50 feet up in the air and I move containers around all night my hours are 7 p.m. to 6 a.m. in the morning when I get off of work I have to go pick up my daughter from her father’s house and then we get home I get her ready for school she goes on the bus I leave the home go to the gym for hour and a half come home prepare dinner and lay down for 3 hours and when she gets in from school sometimes we eat sometimes we leave right out and I head down the road to drop her off as well as if we have to stop at any doctors office we do that and then I had to work so it’s very hard because I get very little sleep also I have to add in the party planning to my day so if there’s something that I need to create or make or design I’m doing that on my in between time where I’m supposed to be sleeping and I do not work my regular job on the weekend because that’s when I usually focus on my events for when I’m usually meeting with clients.

There were times that I wanted to quit there were times where I was depressed and I just said I didn’t want to do it anymore or I would see somebody else’s work and I was thinking okay you know there’s so much better than mine and I would just say you know what I’m not doing this anymore but then I had a cousin Stacy mean do you know how many hairdressers are in the world just because that one is working and doing a good job does it mean that you won’t have business in as well it doesn’t mean that you should stop and that made me keep going that made me press forward and I do have goals where I will love my business to grow bigger as well as I would love to own my own venue one day where I can host weddings and showers and birthday parties and family reunions that’s my goal that’s where I see me in my future.

If there is someone who’s interested in being a party planner I would say do your homework first on how much things cost to have to purchase or to rent and look around at different pictures to find new ideas of what you can do and create also the best thing to be is a people person you have to be very friendly in this field if you have a nasty attitude it will not get you anywhere it will actually shut you down so that’s one thing that I can say about myself I am a very nice loving caring person and I am very good with people I’m a people person and my smile is what sells me my attitude is what sells me and I’m praying that God allows me to continue to receive more and more clients and more more and more work.

Envy Ear Candi

My story started back in 2010 I went to an event, and in walks a lady with these beautiful leather earrings ( of coarse I had to have them) so she took me next door to her store where she sold them, however they were $100.00…uuugh NO MA’AM.

So I set out to make those dam earrings and i did. But every time I did someone would buy them out of my ear. So I told myself well hell i need to make extras so i don’t have to sell mine. I did!I was invited to do my first fashion show as a vendor and sold out within an hour, it was then i knew i was on to something. Since then i have had 5 brick and mortar stores ( the first being right across the street from where i met the lady at) and have maintained my online store which is still available today for over 10 years.

I am a wife and mother and so far balance has been very easy believe it or not. they allow me to break away into my office and be creative. None of my children has or shown interest of following in my creative foot steps but they will come in from time to time to offer opinions or critique my work.

The first challenges that i faced was what events to do and where to open a store, everything else was easy. I found myself paying to be a vendor at events where my product did not fit in, or opening a store where i did not fit into the demographics, which is why i was inspired to write my small business guide “She’s a BOSS with Boss Mentality” equipped with Vendor list which is available on my website.

My Advice to someone who is looking to start a new business who would be to do your homework, know what all your cost would be so that you don’t jump in and be out of business in a month or so after finances become an issue, and if you are looking to open a physical store make sure your product matches to the demographics in that area, i cannot stress that enough, you cannot go to a middle class upscale area with Urban trendy items and expect to make it work unless you have a major following that will come to you and you have a lot to spend on marketing. Open up where there is foot traffic. And lastly NETWORK NETWORK NETWORK!!