WCW: Daria Jones is Gracefully Yours

I’m Daria Jones, an artists. Singer, songwriter, actress and model. I’ve recently added entrepreneur to my title. I’m a Jersey City native and lover of people and life. I’ve had the opportunity to travel the world and do great things with my gift of song and looking back I’m truly humbled. I’ve worked with some really great talents and I’m currently working on my EP to release early spring. FINALLY! I’ve always had a passion and have been fascinated with handmade jewelry, skin care products, clothing or anything DIY. Lol I love making people smile and seeing people happy.

My business started from my passion of being a DIY’er and a conversation with my friend. I initially began making Whipped Body Butters for myself, family and friends. One day I happened to look at him and said your beard needs something. I began whipping up a formula I thought would be good to help keep it moisturized and shared it with a few more bearded friends. They loved it! And Voila here we are. It became a no brainer. I said to myself “Start your business, you’ve been talking too long about multiple streams of income. Utilize your skills and gifts”. Now here I am making beard balms and whipped body butters for men. Men love to keep nice and groomed. And I like seeing them happy as well as their aigni others, they love how their mans beards feel!

I‘m Single! (Pouting) lol
The balance for me is still tricky at times between music, family and keeping up with orders and making product. I have to learn time management all over again. Starting this business added to the schedule. It’s been a blessing but sometimes I’m frustrated.

My biggest challenge was to move out of my own way and to understand things don’t happen overnight! It takes time to build a business. I’m still learning and growing as I work on it. Another challenge for me was to balance my finances. I didn’t plan to start this business. I’ve had thoughts about it in the past but in this case I took a leap of faith to just do it. So the money wasn’t really there for me to do it but I decided to make certain sacrifices for the well being of Gracefully Yours.

I say if this is something you’re really passionate about. Pray on it and ask God for guidance. He’ll definitely direct the path and he’ll send the resources. There’s a market for literally everything we can think of. Study your market and move forward! Trust and believe in yourself and your business. Pray over your business. 

Be sure to be on the look out for new music from Daria Jones by the end of February as well as new products from Gracefully Yours.
We also ship nationally and internationally
Orders can be placed at www.DariaJonesWorld.com
We can be found on IG:
@ Gracefully_Yours_Always
Email: info@DariaJonesWorld.com

Not Every Artist Uses Paper and Paint! Meet Rochanda

Give us a little backstory about you

I am a makeup artist from NJ. My love for makeup started when I was about 12 years old. I competed in Hal Jackson’s Talented Teens and would have to make appearances. So one from the staff wasn’t always available to do my makeup so that’s when began learning how to do my own makeup.

What made you want to start your business?

I started BMR Beauty because I wanted reach more than just my Instagram and Facebook followers. I also wanted to solidify this stream of income officially. It’s cool to post your work however clients take you more serious when they see you’ve taken time out to expand your book of business. I also launch my own lash collection when I debuted the site in March of 2019

If parent or married, how do you balance work and home?

I don’t have either responsibility however I do work a full time job that demands my attention on and off the clock. Where I’ve struggled regarding balance is understanding the importance of giving my brand the same amount of energy and time. It’s extremely easy to find yourself putting all your energy into the work you do for others and not concentrate on your personal business.

What were some challenges have you faced and how did you overcome?

One of the main challenges I faced initially is that I was uncomfortable doing makeup on people outside of my race. I overcome that free by interviewing at MAC. It gave me the opportunity to do makeup for all races and skin. I was with them for almost 3 years.

What advice would you give someone who would like to start their own business?

Be really committed to your dream! Don’t second guess, don’t let others discourage you if you know in your gut this is what you were destined to do! While we live in a world now a days where so many are doing the same thing BELIEVE YOU HAVE SOMETHING THEY DONT even still! If you work 40 hours weekly at your day job be sure to commit 60 hours to your dream! It will pay off!

WCW: Moniek Morgan “Know Your Worth Then Add Tax”

Hi! Im Moniek Morgan, born and raised in East Orange , NJ but currently residing in a small city outside of Petersburg, VA. I obtained my undergraduate degree in English from South Carolina State University and my Masters Degree from Southern New Hampshire University. Mixed in between there is an Associates in Business Administration. Growing up, I wanted to become a teacher because all of the women in my family are Educators, but as I blossomed into adulthood, I realized the healthcare profession was my calling. I’m currently a Pre-Cert Specialist for the Radiology Department at Virginia Commonwealth University Health Center, but also am the sole owner of I.Y.M (It’s Your Money) Tax Services, LLC.

“What made you want to start your business?”

In 2008 I was leaving out of H&R Block after paying them $800 to file my taxes. I was visibly annoyed when a stranger suggested I file my own taxes and pointed me in the direction of a program online that I can use for free..After processing my own taxes for the next two years as well as working part time for H&R Block, I gained some knowledgable information and asked a friend if she would entrust me to file her tax return for her, the inexpensive and proper way. She obliged and the rest is HERstory…I decided to obtain a certification in Tax filing and started processing returns for an abundance of friends and family. In 2019, I stepped out on Faith and purchased my first Tax Office as well as public domain, professional website and created my Brand.

“If parent or Married, how do you balance work and home?”

I’m the mother to an 1 son, Xavier, who is 11 years old and in the 6th grade. I’m blessed enough to be in an industry that’s primarily seasonal. My hours are only overwhelming during the months of January to May. During that time, I make sure to be home by dinner. It can be challenging working essentially two jobs but the outcome is always more rewarding than the difficulties.

“What were some challenges you’ve faced and how did you overcome them?”
The number one challenge I face is the small business factor. It sometimes feel like I’m a small fish in a big pond, with Tax giants like H&R Block and TurboTax ruling the market with international marketing. However, social media as well as old fashioned “Word of Mouth” have worked wonders for me. I provide HONEST work for affordable prices. I don’t make monetary promises I can’t keep and stand on my Integrity to do right by all of my clients. Another major factor that has helped and continues to help me overcome the sometimey woes of being a business owner is PRAYER…My business is Faith based and will continue to be. HE hasn’t let me down yet.

Not Your Average Mrs. Crabtree Amiyrah Waddell Lives Life Luxe Style

I have been an English Teacher and Tutor for Newark Public Schools going on 22 years.  In College my major was Nursing until the beginning of Senior Year.  I decided Nursing WAS NOT for Me.  The uniforms the All White which I HATE along with the fact that I would actually have to care of sick people.  After 13 straight years of Catholic School Uniforms it wasn’t for me.  I broke the news to everyone at a family meeting and all they said was “you better have a plan”.  The plan quickly came in place….Switch minor (psychology) to major and graduate as fast as I can.  Newark at the time was in desperate need of teachers and offered College Graduates the chance to past the Praxis and Sign a contract getting the necessary training while on the job.  The Program was through Saint Peter’s University.  They allowed you to buy the training credits back and Complete your Masters Degree in one year.  That’s exactly what I did.  One of the BEST decisions I’ve ever made as I can’t imagine doing anything else.

I love creativity and I always think I can do this or that even better than what I’ve seen. I always need to be doing something and a friend always told me you MUST have multiple sources of income. My business LiveLifeLuxeStyle is one of those sources.

I am not married nor am I a parent. I do work both day and evening for Newark Public Schools my days start at 8 am and ends at 8 pm.  I balance work and home by completing mot home task on the weekends: meal prep, laundry and pulling my outfits for the week. I always make time for “him”  so he doesn’t feel left out.

Some challenges I have faced are as simple as getting everything done for both primary work and my business and keeping every compartmentalized. I love to create and have so many ideas I have to keep a notebook just to brain dump.    I am a list girl so sometimes even my lists have lists and they are everywhere.  The visual reminder allows me to get it all done.

My advice would be to go for it! If it’s your passion you will find a way to get it done. It may take some sacrifice but anything worth having will require a bit of sacrifice.

WCW: She’s a World Wide Woman TravelCents De

What made you want to start your business?

My name is Yolanda Corbin and I own and operate TravelCents DE. I offered travel at discounted rates because I want to see more people travel around the world. I started my business because of my love for travel. As a little girl, I always liked going different places and experiencing different things and thank God my mother allowed me to do that. Most of the times, I was able to spend time with other families on trips and my first trip outside of the USA was at 7 years old. I remember all of the adventure and the excitement I felt and as a parent (now), I exposed my children to travel. Through travel, it broaden my mind and gave me a different outlook of the world.

If parent or married, how do you balance work and home?

I am a woman first, an employee, self-employed, mother of 3 adult children and soon to be grandparent, and wife. In life, we need balance and thank God I’ve always been able to have balance and a sense of myself…I know exactly what I want and how to get it. I work at a regular job during the day and in the evenings after I cook dinner, I fade into my home office and begin looking a deals on trips for potential and repeat customers. I love doing that so it’s never a bother. In addition, I am also a medical billing consultant and I usually do that once per month. So, in everything I pray for good time management, organization and I utilize tools to assist me in the proper balance (for example prayer and ministry work).

What were some challenges have you faced and how did you overcome?

Online competition is one of the challenges I face because people research and if they find the trip cheaper, they usually go with that. HOWEVER, I price match any website at any time and more than that, I give personal attention to the needs of my customers. I also enjoy meeting my customers face to face and I feel absolutely blessed when I can deliver the exact vacation they desire.

What advice would you give someone who would like to start their own business?

Do it! Invest in yourself. Do NOT be afraid, stay away from negativity, and promote your business. It’s a struggle but the payoff is amazing.

MCM: Keith Stephens Got Snacks

What made you want to start your business? 

I was wearing a Snack shirt I made, people would ask me where they could purchase the shirt. After so many people asked about purchasing the shirt I decided to start selling them.

What were some challenges have you faced and how did you overcome?

· The biggest challenge I have is getting my brand in front of new faces. Most of my Instagram followers are aware of my clothing company. To get my brand in front of fresh faces I would partner with influencers, join Facebook groups. This would insure me that new people see my brand on a regular basis.

What advice would you give someone who would like to start their own business?

· The best advice I would give is to make sure you’re passionate about your business. Customers will see your passion and will want to be a part of it. If you’re in it for the money you’re going to take short cuts and your brand will suffer.

Find Your Fierceness w Leah Pugh

My name is Leah Pugh, owner of a mobile & online fashion jewelry/accessories/sunglasses boutique based in Philadelphia, Pa named “Fierce Finds”. I graduated from Penn State with a bachelors in business. Before starting Fierce Finds, I was co-owner of a consignment boutique in Drexel Hill, Pa named “New 2 U”. We owned & operated the consignment shop for a little over 2 years (2009-2011). We planned to relocate however, my partner and I decided to severe ways & in April of 2012 Fierce Finds was born.

I’ve always had a love for accessorizing. I tend to dress around my accessories most times! I always wanted to be a business owner, watching my father as an entrepreneur for so many years. He owned his business for over 30+ years and working w/ him for half of my life was my inspiration. The freedom and social aspect of being a business owner is great, but one has to have the discipline and hunger to keep any business afloat.

I am a parent and a partner in a long time relationship so balance was definitely a challenge. While consistently working my business is a must I learned that being a mother as well as being present in my relationship takes first priority. There was a time when all I wanted to do was work my business around the clock, and while my family never missed a beat, I was beat. I left no time for taking care of me or getting the rest I needed. I had to accept the fact that I’m only one person and I had to prioritize.

Starting a business is a huge leap and adjustment, so if I had to give any advice it would be to first be to make sure the business you want to start is something that comes natural. You will eat, sleep, breathe your business and you don’t want it to be something you struggle at because you’ll more than likely want to give up. There will be times when business is booming and times when it’s not. The latter is when your passion motivates you to keep going through the hard/slow times. Also, it helps to have a team of supporters who believe in you and your brand.

Although I’m sole owner of my business, I have many friends and family who volunteer their time & help me when needed. I wouldn’t make it most times without their help, love, and support.

LeahFierce Finds”Where You’ll Find All Things Fashionable, Fabulous & Fierce” ✨✨✨P: 2158889150E: fabfiercefinds@yahoo.comWeb: www.fabfiercefinds.bigcartel.com

WCW: Quiona McCollum : Ain’t Nothing Childish About Her Glow

I’m an international singer/songwriter, mom,  lover of GOD and a super feminist! I was born and raised in Jersey City where my grandparents serve a Pastor and Bishop so that’s where I began my musical career…the sanctuary! My parents nurtured my love for art through music and creativity so I’m definitely a child of arts!

Well anyone who really knows me knows I’m a creative by nature. It’s a lifestyle for me. If you ever step foot into my home you’re met with nothing but beautiful colors and hues!

I decided to start my Lifestyle Brand because I felt it was time to fuse Glam, Real Life, and my Gift of song. It all goes hand in hand! Two years a going I wanted to launch my Essentials Perfume line first but my schedule wouldn’t allow for the dedication that came with it at the time. My ultimate goal was to branch into skincare, wellness and periodicals (I have a line of books and journals set to release soon) because it was all part of my plan. However, as age would have it (and being a woman) our body changes and the biggest organism (my skin) started to do things I wasn’t too pleased about. I’ve never suffered from acne because I’ve always had what was considered “good skin.” I tried every over the counter product but nothing seemed to work which became extremely discouraging. One day I decided to take things into my own hands because I had to be on stage within a few days and I couldn’t step foot on set with my skin being as compromised as it was. I did a little research and came up with my own recipe for a facial mask by carefully choosing a few healing agents and compiling them together. Honey, when I tell you the results were jaw dropping, they were jaw dropping! In two to three days not only did my acne clear up but the scars and my skin had began to disappear! This magical mask is now one of my best sellers and is known as “Turmeric Tricks.” I now have a total of 28 products and the rest is a blessing and history!

The biggest challenge I faced in business was not having people believe in me initially. You have to put your blinders on and go at it alone. I had to understand that everyone wouldn’t be happy for me and I had to forge ahead without worrying about what people would think or partake in. I’ve mastered the art of keeping the noise down and focusing on my the goal was and ultimately COMPLETION!

I’m a huge supporter of Glossier CEO, Emily Weiss. I feel she’s a marketing genius and I respect her outlook and approach immensely! Musically I’ve worked with too many to name lol but there’s a laundry list of them I’d still love to lock in with.

The first thing I would say is “Why not you?” Do it! This is very big world and the only thing in the way of your dream is YOU! Keep your skin thick, keep positive people around you that aren’t envious or have hidden agendas and more importantly, pray your way through it all. Don’t be afraid to step to the forefront. It’s your move!

My products all have a bible scripture etched on them that says “Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love for I have put my trust in thee…”

Psalms 143:8

Trust God!

Motivated Momma Monday: Shalayna Samuel

Shalayna Samuel of Shalayna Beauty has been a part of the beauty industry for over 15 years.

Shalayna is originally a DC native and her love and passion for hair and makeup drove her to embark on a new journey to New York City 5 years ago. 

She has overcome a lot of unexpected trials in her journey in New York City but none of that has deterred her from pushing forward and achieving her goals.

In this journey, she became a mother to a beautiful vibrant little girl, Savannah. In the midst of carrying and having Savannah attached to her hip Shalayna had become Cardi B’s go to makeup artist, as well as her sister Hennessey Carolina, Lalah Hathawayand other celebs in the entertainment industry. Shalayna’s work can be seen in main stream publications such as Elle.com, Vogue.com and television on The Wendy Williams show and Love & Hip Hop Renunion, Cardi B’s breakthrough song Bodak Yellow’s music video, album cover and more.

Shalayna dreams of having her own boutique salon and wants to continue to travel the world doing what she loves most. She believes that she can make the world a more beautiful place one woman at a time with just a flick of her wrist and with a swipe of her brush. 

Q: How do you balance working and being a great mother?!

A: I have an amazing support system with raising my daughter. While I’m working, her dad and his family makes sure she is tended to. My work-life balance isn’t too hard right now. 

Q: What made you want to start your business? Why hair/makeup?!

A: I’ve always wanted to work for myself. But I can’t say starting a business is easy peasy. I’ve always loved doing hair as a little girl and for as long as I could remember, I always wanted a hair salon. Right before I went to beauty school the first time, I remember putting a list together of all the jobs that people kill for (i.e postal worker, police, etc) and every job I thought of made me cringe. But when I thought of doing hair/makeup it was the only thing that I actually loved. I love helping women feel beautiful and fall in love with themselves.

Q: What were some challenges have you faced and how did you overcome them?

A: I was basically homeless for a lot of the time I live in NYC. Mainly based on the way I decided to move here. But the thing that helped me overcome it was faith honestly. I truly believed in myself and I just told myself that hard times are only temporary and I pushed and pushed. Now my daughter and I living in Brooklyn in our own apartment. 

Q: Who Have you worked with? Who would you love to work with?!

I’ve worked with sisters Cardi B & Hennessey Carolina, Teedra Moses, Lalah Hathaway, Kelly Price, Markell Fultz and more. 

I would love to work with Beyoncé of course & Rihanna and the everyday woman. I love doing television, print work and red carpet events and especially weddings. It’s just something about seeing your bride walk down the aisle. 

Q: What advice would you give someone who would like to get into the business?!

A: Be passionate about what you do. Get out and make connections. Be persistent and PROFESSIONAL.

Super Bowl Weekend Edition: Kimberly Brown WFLA Football

Back in 2017, I asked myself what do I ultimately want to do with my life and what will make me happy.  I said I want to create a legacy, follow in my fathers footsteps, help the world and make real change, make a lot of money, and create a legacy my children can continue after I’m gone.

It was then God gave me a vision for my life.  He showed me what all I could accomplish.  After that is when I came up with an execution plan of how I was going to accomplish my goals.  For the last 2 1/2 years, I’ve been working on a docu-series show I created and producing called “Daughters of Legends.”  “Daughters of Legends” is about women coming together to continue their father’s legacy as well as to create their own legacy (Robyn Charles, the daughter of Ray Charles and Ilyasah Shabazz, the daughter of Malcolm X)

What better way to continue the Brown legacy but by playing football.  That would give me the platform, content, and the stepping stone of where I want to go.  So in 2018, I tried out and didn’t make it but I didn’t quite and tried out again in 2019.  I made the team and I am where I am because I never quit and I continue to strive towards my goals to reach the success in my mind just like my father did in his many ventures.

My father said ”Great” and then asked me what position I would be playing.  I then told him Defensive End.  

The biggest challenge was not knowing the game and never had played football ever before in my life.  I overcame that through my coach’s help, consistently practicing with my team, private coaching, studying, and watching NFL games consistently.  I believe you always have to prepare for what you want and invest the time and money to get to where you want to be.  I’m still constantly learning.

Also overcoming self-doubt, I still face this sometimes but I always overcome it when I just do it.

I pray with my team and ask God to protect us and keep us safe.  I also listen to music while getting ready to help me get pumped, I also use my teammate and friend Keyon Harris to do that too.

On my off time, I like to continue building my legacy by working with the ”Daughters of Legends” on our activism work throughout the country.  I attend acting classes to prepare me for my acting career.  I consistently work out in the gym and on the field.  I believe knowledge is power so I constantly research and read books.  I’m always making moves to put me in a better situation to where I envision my life.

The best time for me is when I mix business with fun.

My advice would be to join a flag football team.  This is where you will have a better understanding of the game, learn teamwork, where you can practice and ultimately get better at your job, and put you in a better position to succeed.  Or you can be like me and just go tryout and see how you do.  But also prepare before, I trained with a private coach before ever trying out both times.  

On August 31st, I was drafted 13th overall pick in the WFLA (Woman’s Football League Assiciation) as a Defensive End and Running Back for the Los Angeles Fames.

On Feb 1st, 2020 I’ll be in the celebrity flag football game in Miami at Gibson Park the weekend of Super Bowl.

Also, I have my first movie coming out later this year so keep an eye out for that.  

IG: @kimberly.b.brown

FB: @kimberlybrookebrown