Funny Friday: GL Douglas Got Jokes

Give us a little backstory about you
   I was born in Jersey City but when I was in the 3rd grade my parents moved us to Roselle, NJ. I have one sister who is definitely my best friend. I was raised by my mother and father who really instilled in us the importance of getting an education, Because of that, I went on to graduate from Abraham Clark High School, Class of 96!  From there I attended North Carolina Central University where I earned a Bachelor Degree in Elementary Education. 
What made you want to start comedy?
   Both in middle school and high school I was voted BEST PERSONALITY and I was always drawn to the performing arts. Growing up I took dance for 11 years, played the piano, was a choir director and even took a shot at being a Full Figure Model, which was an epic fail. People always thought I was witty, but not a in a clownish way because I did take my education very seriously. 
One night I went to Mike’s Tavern and there was man outside promoting a comedy show/ open mic. We he approached my friends and I, I asked him if I could do stand up comedy if I came. He asked if I was a comedian and I lied and said YES. Well,it turned out that he was Bob Sumner one of the creators of DEF COMEDY JAM. I showed up that night, put my name on the list and went up there and took a shot at it. Comedian Hamburger was the host that night, When I finished, he came back on stage and asked,  “Young Lady who are you?” People started coming to me asking for my cards( which I didn’t have any because this was my first time doing this) My friends and I wrote my name and number on napkins. I really don’t remember what I said, but I just remember people laughing and I was instantly addicted. Hamburger called me and I booked 4 shows that same week. Here I am 16 years later still in the game.
If parent or married, how do you balance work and home? 
  I am a wife and a mother of 2 beautiful girls ( 3 years old and 7 months old). It is definitely not easy to balance. When I first started comedy I living a very SINGLE LIFE and enjoying it. But I knew that one day I desired a family and wanted to leave a legacy with my children. So trying to balance a full time job (as a teacher) duties and wife and mother,and still keeping up with my comedy schedule can be overwhelming at times. Every chance I get, if there is a show that I can bring my kids with me, I bring them. I want them to see how hard I am grinding for them. And I want them to know its ok to chase their dreams.
What were some challenges have you faced and how did you overcome? 
   2016 to  2018 were some of the most difficult years of my life. I stayed on an emotional roller coaster. In 2016 my best friend in comedy and one of my personal best friends passed away months apart. Comedian Lord was not only my business partner, but a true friend. He passed suddenly while I was out of the country a week after we had just produced one of the biggest shows of our career, Then a few months later, the day I was bringing my first daughter home from the hospital I got a call that my other best friend, whom I worked with for years as a teacher, Micheal Sullivan, had passed away suddenly. I just spoken to him the day before and we made plans for him to come meet my daughter for the first time. Then 4 months after my daughter was born, my mother had been battling cancer and she lost her fight March 15, 2017. Literally 1 year and 1 month following the death of my mother, my father passed away. I don’t think he wanted to do life without her. Through all of this, I still have to manage to find a way to make others laugh while I was crying on the the inside. I really don’t think I could have gotten through this period of my life without prayer, and love and support from my now husband and friends.
What advice would you give someone who would like to start their own business? 
   There will never be the perfect time, if you have a dream, JUST DO IT! People are always telling me that others find them to be funny and they have always wanted to do comedy. My follow up question is always WHAT’S STOPPING YOU? You never know.
Contact Info 
GL Douglas

WCW: Color Me Bad: Meet Minx Monroe

My uncle was a hair stylist who worked out of his condominium in Manhattan in the 80’s. For each one of his clients, he made it a celebration of themselves with food, music, makeup and hair. I was inspired by how he helped women feel beautiful. 

I set goals every morning with a cup of coffee. I work off of a planner, pay attention to the hair industry media on IG and FB. We cook at home 95% of the time. Not only to keep costs down but also to touch base, talk and eat together as a family. 
Opening Bombshell Studio was a dream in the works. The biggest challenge had to be trying to break even when we opened. It was slow with a few clients. We had to cut lots of corners to keep afloat for the first year and learn how to advertise and do our own marketing by holding events and partnering with other local businesses to spread the word. 
Make sure you have lots of financial backup support if you don’t have all of the money needed to start and maintain a business for a year. Buy used quality equipment, do all the painting, fixing and handiwork yourself. Know where to find the best deals for supplies. Keep your “Why”, meaning the reason(s) you started your venture, in the forefront of your mind at all times.
Bombshell Studio
456 Broadway
Bayonne, NJ 07002
Schedule an appointment HERE

She’s Not Just Fantastic, Tyhesia is Hattastic

Im A single mom of two beautiful girls with a great creative sense. I’ve been in fashion for 20yrs as a sales Manger and buyer of boutiques.

What made me become a stylist is because I have a great eye for fashion.

As single Parent I’m grateful that fashion has not became a problem because me and daughters enjoy fashion so it came easy .

In fashion it’s always some challenges I always say just stay true to yourself and your vision , your style is not for everyone create your own way.

Advice for give to anyone believe in you only you can stop you what’s meant for you will be for you don’t get discouraged that means you go harder make your own way. My favorite words create,promote , repeat.

MCM: Rodney Allen Better Than Bob the Builder

My name is Rodney Allen and I was born and raised in North Philadelphia. I’ve always worked since I could. Started when I was 14 and worked all through High school. After graduating high school I was going to CCP and working 2 jobs. That got tiresome really fast. One day in 1992 my Grandmother said she wanted to buy a new car and asked my uncle and I to go with her to help. 
We went from one dealership to the next and wound up in Springfield, PA at Potamkin TOYOTA(She only wanted a TOYOTA) where we made an excellent deal even getting some options like a sunroof that Grandmom wasn’t expecting. 
The sales manager came to me and said that I did a great job negotiating and offered me a job as a salesman. My uncle accepted but I didn’t have a driver’s license so I was ineligible. He told me to get my license and said I had a job whenever I wanted. 
My uncle meanwhile would come home everyday with a new story and showing me how much money he was making, so I knew that I needed to make a move real soon. I got my license and gave my 2 week notice to my other jobs at the supermarket and Sears. 
Once I started I caught on quickly and began to see the potential of being in the automotive industry. After a year or so I met my now wife who also was a salesperson at one of our other dealerships across the street. The money was amazing but the hours were brutal. You spent most of your life there. 
Soon thereafter my now wife decided that she should change careers because she had 2 children previously that she couldn’t spend much time with. Another year went by and now we were expecting a 3rd child. Meanwhile I was working my way up the ranks in the industry. I was no longer a salesman but had moved into the finance department and later became the General Manager of Chrysler at the age of 26. The youngest and only Black man in the tri state. I was making 6 figures and with all of that came more responsibility and even less time at home with my family. 
So we tried real estate which had already intrigued us. I started out paying contractors to do the work and on my day of I would go watch them and try to learn. I also like reading and understanding. I started doing my own home projects and when we had guests over they would continually ask who was my contractor. They were shocked when I told them it was myself. 
One person asked could I renovate their basement the same as my own and from then on it was all word of mouth. That was in 2004 Allen Management LLC was born. We buy, rehab and sell houses. We also do short term rentals (STR) such as AirBnb and HomeAway. We just started our very own new construction home project here in Philly that we’re excited about. 
Our children now young adults and a teenager, help with our STR’s and my wife owns her own real estate office. Starting this business has giving me more freedom to be with my family and have more time to myself. 
Starting your own business can seem far fetched but I always encourage others to work as hard for yourself as you worked at your 9 to 5. Sometimes even more. In the beginning it will be tough but if you stay the course you will see the fruits of your labor.

Fashion Friday: Have You Seen Sabreen?

My 1st name is Hafeezah but I use my middle name Sabreen (Nior). I have been married for 3 years and have two children….My oldest son was murdered back in 2016 he was 18 and my daughter is 10. 
The death of my son inspired me to start my blog. I have been wanting and have been asked to do this for sometime now and never found purpose but always loved fashion and beauty care. Once my son passed and he was no longer here to follow his dreams, I used his death to motivate me, to follow mine. I also have a love for interior decorating and have made over 5 clients spaces ( so i do that as well, that page is @sabreen_nior_decor).
I actually just started my blog 1 year ago and now I am on my 3rd style session and styling clients I’ve met from  blogging. 
I balance family life easily, by putting my family life 1st and everything else second. The main challenge I faced ,is losing my son. I haven’t overcome it but I am working though it. I use it as a strength oppose to a weakness.
I will love to work with Kahlana Barfield or June Ambrose. I havent work with any celebrities yet because I’m up and coming but I’ve teamed up with the owner of Velvet Lush Boutique which we just completed our “Sabreen Nior” 3rd style session.
The advice I would give someone just starting out , is to always, Always remain true to self and never compromise your dignity or integrity for this business or anything else in life.
Since I’ve started my blog, I have obtained a great following. I have influence my followers on looks for less and beauty care. I’m not just known for giving great fashion tips but also know for uplifting women and encouraging them to be who ever it is they desire. I am quickly making a name for myself  while working on building my brand. I plan to take this blog to mainstream and become a house hold name through my blog, Youtube and my podcast starting in 20/20.
Fashion is on you, Style is in you ~Sabreen Nior

Soh_Phocused On Her Talent’s

Born In Brooklyn..departed around 1990 to steadily reside in Murray Hill from 1990 until about 2007. Not really use to the new environment at 1st, I stayed in Bk on a regular basis because all of my family and friends were still there. Learning to adapt in a more diverse environment than what I was use to is what actually helped me tap into many hidden pockets of interest and talents that i didn’t know that I had. Still in tune with my Brooklyn roots but being able to experience new things with an open mind in Murray Hill gave me the best of both worlds.

Im from Gowanus projects and I lived with a number of different family members under the same roof and also had cousins within the same projects that I was around all the time. All of them, all older than me treating me like a little sister and bringing me to tag along everywhere. I got to experience hip hop through them on so many levels. They’d get dressed to go out..leather bombers..doorknockers etc and all that I and I just sat there wishing it was me. I, the youngin was left with video music box, which I lived for and  Word Up and Right On mags…I just loved everything about the culture and so badly wanted to be it in every way shape form and fashion. I wanted to be those people on the screen. I wanted to be my cousins rapping and dressing exactly like the people in the videos. So I would emulate a lot as a very small child which grew into realizing that I was great writer and could put words together. That then blossomed into me writing lyrics in 4th grade. The rest is history.
I’ve always loved playing dolls especially Barbies, specifically for the fashion. Even as an adult I still fucks with Barbie and I literally just got gifted with like 6 dolls for my Bday and Christmas this year, off of the strength of my known love for barbie. I use to make clothes out of paper and scotch tape..old stockings etc. I was always artistic so I always drew illustrations mostly fashion based. Many of my toys were things that promoted art/fashion. One of my most memorable gifts as a child were the fashion plates that you put the paper on top of and use a pencil to scratch the image on the paper lol..I loved those. So fashion was always in me. 
I was deprived on many occasions which made it hard for me to keep up with all of the latest trends. My cousins and grandmother helped a lot with trying to keep me in the loop. I started working at the age of 12 and when that happened I was able to buy little things for myself with my little checks. The inadequacies led to me trying to make more out of what I had so I would create things ie: getting the dope kicks but not having the outfit fueled me to create something to match even if it was just a hat.
 Another major key is that I have been plus sized my whole life and finding trendy items back then was almost impossible. I was a young adult and it was all this old lady shit so I had to make my own stuff and its still like that in this current day. Even though we have way more choices, I still have to created to stand out. That became a staple for me..Stand out! People knew me and identified me off of my consistent uniqueness. I am still praised and acknowledged for that and I wear that proudly. I have a goal to break into the fashion industry to change the game for plus sized fashion. Even though it has evolved tremendously hasn’t evolved on the level that I have in my head. So I have work to do. 
My passion for creating drew people to me and when people allowed me to bring my visions to life via designing and styling them, it was like having real life barbies to play with lol.

I work a lot, so to balance more than one job and home I use my time wisely. When I get any free moment at any of my jobs, I am creating..whether I am brainstorming,writings songs,drawing,crocheting or whatever. I utilize all of my time to create so that I have time to keep home in order with the little bit of down time after my long days and nights.

One of my biggest challenges that effect the 2 things that I truly love (music and fashion) is my weight. The two things that I love both focus on image ..heavily and I know that my weight is the reason that a lot of opportunities haven’t been presented and that a lot of doors haven’t been opened. Its an obstacle that hasn’t been fully conquered but I stay above water by staying true to myself and maintaining a true sense of self confidence. A lot of people have a false sense of self confidence. Not I. I am humble and talented and that keeps me level headed enough to continue working on the perfection and growth of all of my crafts and God given talents. True recipe for success, regardless of any circumstance.
Just start! Even if it is on an amateur level..Start and enlighten yourself as you continue to grow. Be yourself and stick to your ideas. Do not water down or alter your vision for anyone. Learn what works and what doesn’t work through trail and error and not off of people’s opinions or doubts in your vision. Be a good listener and be observant all while keeping an open mind which is a great way to learn. Surround you self with positive go getters and be a team player. So much advice to give but these are some major keys!
Everything in life is like a blank canvas. We all have different stories and should use all of these blank canvases to tell a different story… every time. Art is life  and we should express ourselves through it however,,whenever.
IG: Soh_Phocused
Twitter: Sohphocused
Youtube: Sohphocused
Soundcloud: Sohphocused

WCW: Lavada is Haircredible

My name is Lavada Wright and I am married, a mother of 6 children, Author, Founder and CEO of Haircredible. Im born and raised in Jersey City, NJ and my current goals is to take my company, Legacy Beauty LLC GLOBAL. 
As a black woman… I saw that it lacked hair care for women with Fine and Thin hair in the “ethnic” market so with the suffereing of constant hair loss and shedding as well products that were out there weighing my hair down, I decided to create my very own product line.  When you think of fine and thin hair you either think of caucasion women or thin hair meaning “bladheaded” is what cruel people called it. However, thin and fine hair DO exist in our ethnic ommunity and so many people have thin healthy hair but the products are hard to find to take care of it because they all are so heavy. 
Trying to have a balance is hard but honestly putting them first and their quality time and needs is what makes my life balance with my husband and family. I make sure we do family activities and make them aware that I am here and listening. Honestly, its self care is what i need to find time for and not so much of quality time with family. I can say I lost myself in motherhood and being a wife. If you took business and family away from me for a day… I would’nt know what I would like or find myself doing. So getting to know me agian is my current goal. 
One of the big challenges I face is marketing because women with fine and thin hair have grown to become insecure and think something is wrong with their hair or look at it with a problem. In the beauty community, the only hair that get praised is the THICK beautiful hair and fine hair was looked at as the odd texture or even non existent. So getting models is hard or even style videos. However, my goal is to change their perspective and bring awareness that their fine and thin hair is beautiful too. 
Hmmmm… I have worked with influencers but honestly I would love to work with my customers. I feel like getting REAL videos and reviews as well telling about the Haircredible Experience is whats important to me. I dont care if your a celebrity, have 10 million followers on social media, or the president. What matters to me is that you truly love Haircredible and use it. I want everything about what i represent to be 100% Authentic. 
I would say really work on the foundation of your company and then the brand. So many people have brands and rushed to get logos and websites done but meanwhile the business side is in shambles. Be the business woman first… and then the brand. Its super important. I am currently soon to drop my book “BE THE BEAUTY….BECOME THE BEAST” this spring and cant wait to unlock the secrets to getting started the right way and maintaining running a business with little to no money! I started Haircredible with my income tax money and kept my business floating above water working paycheck to paycheck only making 14 bucks an hour. I was a single mother with 2 kids when I started. I had a car with my own apartment and still made sure I did something towards my business every check. Even if it was just 40 bucks. I am now in beauty supply stores worldwide and currently in 50 Target stores across the United States. 
I hope you guys check out Haircredible! You can find us in select Target stores as well!!!! Haircredible is the first hair care line to hit the shelves of a major retailer catering specifically to Fine and Thin hair in the ethnic community. I would be truly honored if I had your support. I appreciate everyone that has been riding on this journey with me thus far! 

MCM: Malik Ford Is All About Truth and Con

Im just a regular guy that wants to brighten up the world one stitch at a time.
Ever since I can remember I’ve only ever wanted to be a tailor and make clothes and create things. I’ve always studied the great fashion houses of Yohji Yamamoto and Issey Miyake. While most of my friends growing up were into sports and hanging out I was in the house reading fashion magazines and forecasting future fashion trends.
I still battle with staying on track and finishing garments that I start. My brain moves so fast that once I start a project the ideas keep coming and I immediately want to start on the new designs I just came up with. I now either quick sketch all of the new Ideas I come up with or write them out in detail and send them to my illustrator overseas to make them come to life on paper for me so that I am not fixated on making them so I dont forget them.
Always always always keep pushing! Ive been a tailor for 20 plus years now and 4 of those years I was legally blind and struggled with wanting to quit, but i didn’t and now that I can see againg im ready to be a fashion force to be reckoned with!!! 

Creative Child and Her Sticks4Urstix

My name is Victoria C Robinson, I am 44yrs old and I am the owner of Maries-Kids Mobile Paint & Sip and Sticks4UrsStix.


I grew up as the only child, and I believe that this may very well be where my creativity started. 

When you are the only child in the home, your parents try their best to be entertaining but that only goes so far.   So, you get creative, inventive and your imagination expands.   


Like many of us, I had a gang of cousins, but while they were out learning normal “kid-stuff”, like riding a bike or skating, I was in the house, drawing, coloring, doing puzzles, watching old movies, black and whites shows like I Love Lucy and looking through magazines.  However back then, I don’t think my parents quite knew what to do with that.  So you mostly heard things like, look at what she can do, my baby can draw, or she put this together herself, but nothing like, she can be a designer, a party planner or an artist, that was just too whimsical.   


So I went through life just learning, you go to school and you get a good job, the end. Not much more to it.  


I’m not sure I knew that I wanted to start a business when it happened. It’s just somewhere down the road, I found myself surrounded by positive people. Successful people, people who opened my eyes to more things, without even knowing they did and I realized, everyone around me was moving and I was still stuck in the same spot I had been in, thinking I was good but I was actually suffocating.  I realized there was more than just getting that decent job, more than just having a family. There was more to life than the just that everyday routine, there was room to do much more and I wanted in!!  


I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, but as I traveled through different states, and towns I started noticing things and one of those things for me were homes, big and small, it’s all about the front doors, the size the color, the wood, most of us are visual creatures and we do judge books by their covers (initially) and I realized they were missing something, and at this time, I was also coming into the fact that I like to craft, to DIY, so I decided on WREATHS! I jumped out the window, researched, learned, purchased a bunch of materials andbegan to create and there is when I realized that this could be the start of something for me, but it didn’t go far, I didn’t quite know how to promote myself, and a lot of people in my own area weren’t willing to spend the money on such an item. I even tried social media and giving décor advice and fun crafts but it just wasn’t working, so I put it down, and gave up. I felt that maybe I was too old to just now decide to start venturing out.  


But then February of 2017 came, and my Mom was turning 65 and I just didn’t have it financially to throw her a big party, I mean she knows half her town! Lol

I was so upset, because I wanted it to be this big classy event, where I could design a huge balloon backdrop or maybe floral. I wanted to decorate with linens and centerpieces but it just wasn’t in the budget. 

I had remembered, she had been mentioning doing paint and sip before, so I thought of taking her and her closest friends to one but the price without even feeding them just sound crazy!!  And then it happened, LIGHT BULB!! There it was, my opportunity to shine.  I decided to decorate my dining room table in her favorite color, I purchased everything I needed, I created a painting I thought even a child could do and threw her a Surprise Paint and Sip in my very own home! My husband is a chef, so once the painting was over, the guest hung out in the living room while we set up for dinner. I did a picture booth and candy station! It wasn’t the biggest but it was so much fun to do, it came out so nice and by the end of the night her friends were saying they wanted to do one at their home.  And just like that, the fireworks started in my head! And my business was born, a mobile paint and sip, where I bring the entire party to you, down to the tables and chairs. It wasn’t so much the painting I wanted to do, but I wanted to decorate, I wanted to make the centerpieces, create tablescapes and just create a whole atmosphere that you forget that you’re just in your living room, or backyard. I like people to know they don’t need a million dollar budget to create joy.  I like to see the reactions to what I had actually put together. I really get overwhelmed with a sense of fulfillment when I see the positive reactions to something I did.  I must admit, it has not YET led to any weddings, or huge I’ve done a few parties outside the paint and sips, like baby showers, birthday parties BUTGUESS WHAT??  I didn’t give up this time, I won’t give up!!  I just keep making the paint and sips more GRAND! Lol.. that means centerpieces, 3d art, backdrops and more. I really enjoy it. I think I like it because I don’t set up and sit back, I actually get to interact with the guest and see just how much they like everything and of course it helps with the next booking.  


My second business Sticks4UrSTix came that same year. I have always been in love with the idea of cigars since I was young. All the “Old Hollywood” stars smoked cigars and women would use long cigarette holders. I love all those old classics, and as I got older, it was the smell, and how the average Joe could be become so charismatic, when smoking one, it’s like magic. lol.  it was just so freaking cool and classy!!!  But I picked up puffing when trying to break the pack a day cigarette habit I had in the late 90s. This was something I didn’t need every day but loved it when I took time out for it.  Women thought it was so disgusting, but I didn’t care, it had become a great love of mine.  


Fast forward to today, there are so many female cigar smokers (SOTL-Sisters of the leaf) now; it’s like the new wave.  So, I happen to see online in one of the many cigar groups I’m in, there was a guy holding what we call a cigarstick or cigarnubber as oppose to their usual toothpick. It’s what cigar smokers use to smoke until the very end without burning the tips of your fingers or nails and I thought let me try to “out do” the one I saw, and from there I just kept going with cigar accessories and now Cigar shirts!! Onto just random fun shirts!  I have found yet another way to express myself where I get to mix my work with pleasure and again watch how I make people feel special when they use my item or wear my apparel. 


The biggest challenges for me is to keep believing in myself and to keep pushing, even when things don’t seem to be moving for me. The Social Media way of life is a lot of freaking work!! Self-promoting, tremendous amt of time and freaking work!! Especially when you work a regular 9-5.  Who knew?? 

I get frustrated and discouraged. I have all these ideas running through my mind that I want to share, so  I research and I practice and go through trial and errors before I put out anything, but with that you take big losses, little losses,  financial losses and it gets hard but luckily I have a great support team and they keep me going. They believe in me, I work out of my dining room, my son calls it my shop. “Is the shop open today Mom?” believe it or not those are motivational words.  



Who would I like to work with? Who else, but the one and only Martha Stewart! So cliché right? Lol.. 

But what I love about Martha is that she is not known for ONE THING.  I mean she has products from bedsheets, to kitchen products, to party décor, to a cooking show with Snoop of all people, lol. She just does it all. She doesn’t just stay in one lane which is how I feel. When you love to create, you’re just all over the place and why not, why stay in one lane when there are so many! And of course, let’s not forget she is a Jerseygirl . 😊 


My advice to new entrepreneurs would be, if it doesn’t work out the first time, try again and again and again. Don’t be afraid to open every single door, even if it’s a 20 story building with 12 doors on each floor, because there is no one room holding your entire future, each door helps create your future. The journey is real and it’s a struggle and sometimes the elevator won’t work, sometimes the fire alarm starts ringing, and you have to run back down the 10 flights you just walked up and it’s a false alarm and your like, I can’t do this again!!  Just breathe, take your time, and know that if you did it once you can do it again, nothing great comes from being rushed.  Everything you love in life takes time; even God set the timer to 9months to create new life. Enjoy the time, embrace the journey, the heartache, keep believing, keep pushing keep climbing and don’t just be inspired, be an inspiration.  







WCW: Designer of Six/20

My name is Keresse Dorcely.  I grew up in Baltimore, MD. I earned a Bachelor of Music from Virginia State University and then a Master’s of Music from William Paterson University.  I worked in music publishing for a while and then decided to teach high school chorus.  I left the classroom in 2016.  I’m married with an 11 year old daughter and an 18 year old bonus son.

What made you want to start your business? Fashion / styling / designing
I have always loved fashion but I never thought of actually designing clothing.  Then in 2014 on June 20th (SIX/20) our son (Forte) was stillborn at 29 weeks.  We got to hold him and my pastor baptized him with my mom’s tears. Then, just like that, he was gone.  It was a tough time.  I  was really depressed but I had to hold it together for my daughter who graduated from Kindergarten the morning of the 20th before I went to the hospital.  To make myself feel better, I went on a crazy shopping spree. I bought a Chanel bag (my one and only lol), a bunch of Louboutins, and so many other things online. But, I kept having a dream about buying a sewing machine. I didn’t pay it much attention since I didn’t know how to sew, but the dreams just kept coming.  I told my husband and he said, “you’ve bought everything else! Go ahead and buy it!”  When it arrived, it sat in my living room for a month until one of my friends taught me how to thread it. That night I made a pair of leggings and then a jacket for my daughter.  I immediately felt centered. Forte gave me the gift of design. I just began to sew. The rest is history!
If married or have kids (how do you balance family and work)
I’m still trying to figure that out lol! I am in a constant whirl- trying to be the best designer, businesswoman, husband, daughter, mom and friend. Sometimes I can carry it all.  Sometimes it all crashes and I have to just deal with one thing at a time. 
What were some challenges have you faced and how did you overcome them?
I am late to the fashion party so I am constantly trying to learn and catch up with my counterparts.  I am always reading something listening to a podcast  to try and get as much knowledge as possible.  I’ve taken sewing lessons and patterning classes to make sure that I am giving my customers the best.
Who would you love to work with? Who have you worked with?
There are so many people that I would love to work with from designers, to stylists, to visual artists.  I think out of everyone the person that I would love to work with the most is June Ambrose. The way that woman styles a look!!! Sheesh.  I would have also loved to work with Stephen Burrows and Jay Jaxon in their day.  Their approach to American Sportswear in the 70s definitely has shaped my aesthetic. Maybe Mr. Burrows wouldn’t mind making one more collection with me.
What advice would you give someone who would like to get into the business?
This life is hard.  The glamorous moments are few and far between.  Fashion has to be your passion.  You have to work hard and run your own race.  Its so easy to get distracted looking at what other people are doing.