New York Fashion Week: Men’s Style

It was all about the guys this past week in Nyc. 

I had the pleasure of working as a dresser for Parke and Ronen, the swimwear for 2016 is something to be covered. 

I also checked the great designs of Pyer Moss young and fresh.


It’s DraperJames Ya’ll

Reese Witherspoon is all in and hands on has she launches her fashion line Draper James.  Named after her paternal grandparents , this super girly, Southern charm fashion line is filled with plenty of florals, bright colors, plaids, and stripes. Draper James goal is to bring contemporary and timeless Southern Style to your wardrobe and home no matter what city or state you live in. Pieces and styles will vary in price , but I have browsed the line and I am sure that each of you and your inner Southern Bell will find the perfect match to help you feel like the perfect lady. For the latest styles being offered right now visit And  just incase you were wondering when you will be able to walk into an actual Draper James store , that too is coming late Fall.  Here is a look at a couple of Draper James pieces that I am totally in love with. Enjoy and Ya’ll come back and visit and follow me on  instagram @stylmebest

Creating Your OWN Style Canvas

Okay ladies with summer officially here, are you changing up your style or sticking too that same style that carried you all year long? Question of the day right! It is okay either way you decide to go. I wanted to let you know that you are allowed to try many kinds of style EVEN repeat them through different times, periods, and seasons of your style life. I use to think there were so many rules to style that had to be followed, but over the years I have learned that style is all about what you see for yourself. Is everybody going to drop at your feet and tell you how much they are in love with it, of course not, and who cares? So no matter what if you LOVE it OWN it! So with that being said I wanted give you a little bit of inspiration to help you with creating your own canvas this summer.

1. White Always makes a statement

2. Being bright will ALWAYS shine

3. Playing with denim is a WINNER

4. Bloom like a garden with your Florals

5.Do the unexpected: Dressy & Sneakers

4th of July – park to lounge

4th of July - park to lounge