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Accomplishing Goals: Pecola King

We all have to find our calling in life, we all want to achieve goals to fill satisfied.

Take a read on how one lovely lady did just that!

What inspired you to get into fitness?

My then 5 year old daughter told me I looked like Resputia (the character from Norbit)

Why a cycling instructor?

I really enjoy cycling; I also had knee surgery a few years back & this is much easier on the knee & an excellent calorie burn.

Do you see yourself as a full fledge fitness instructor?

There are definitely more certifications I would like to secure. I’ve noticed the market is lacking fitness classes with great benefits. If taught correctly I think people would learn to love them. The one that stands out most is a kettle-bell class.

Where will you be teaching your classes?

My instructor offered me a job at her Studio, Perfect Form Pilates & I will also sub at Mercy Fitness Center & currently seeking out two other fitness centers in Arkansas. However I will travel when the demand calls.

How do you balance being a mom who works full time and now a cycling instructor?

Easy!! As a parent you learn to work everything into a schedule. Currently, I build all of my activities around the childrens. Once you build a routine, everything falls in line.

Were there any challenges that you faced and how did you overcome them?

Plenty! Everyone gets that defeated attitude at some point, but when you have children who look up to you & your pushing them, you can’t quit. It’s not an option. You have to push & do what your pushing them to do. Finish what you begin.

What advice can you give to people who are struggling with their weight / people who want to pursue their goals?

Don’t judge your progress against anyone else’s. Take it one day at a time. Think win win!! Don’t go in looking for a quick fix. Be patient. Most importantly – THE SCALE DOES NOT HOLD ALL THE ANSWERS.