Caterpillar 2 Butterfly (Miyadior)

Give us a little backstory about yourself

Hey y’all, I’m Miyadior and I’m an Entertainer and Entrepreneur. As luck would have it, my calling in life isn’t the easiest of routes. I’ve been an artist of the performing arts since I could walk, professionally trained from childhood throughout college. But I also am a mover and shaker, which means I like to make money! While working on my craft, I always had a side hustle going on as soon as I was old enough to understand business. Whether it was doing hair (full blow outs, dyes, braids) to makeup, bartending/bar management, direct selling adult toys, personal assisting and keeping books, one thing I’ve mastered is how to handle different personalities while making money.

What made you want to start your business?

I’ve always had a go getter spirit. I have never been the type to wait for anyone to resolve my issues, YES, even as a kid! What has motivated me to start my new business ventures is not only the drive I have inside, my 2 children, but also watching how everything I’ve worked so hard for over the last 15 years be swept swiftly away by this global pandemic. It’s absolutely outstanding how life can throw those major curveballs. While I can admit I cried and felt a minute of self pity, it took me all but 5 minutes after being laid off from my then corporate job to apply for my LLC! There is something so scary yet thrilling to start over from zero! I didn’t hesitate to initiate the moves. I didn’t know how or when, but I made the intent and first steps to get the ball rolling.

What were some challenges have you faced and how did you overcome?

Challenges are a part of the game! You have to accept that as easily as you accept your successes. Apart from my entertainment career in music and acting, I’m currently the process of launching a kidswear line – you have no idea how many manufacturers, designers and everything in between I have communicated with. But it all comes down to capital! I ran an a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to help me launch my line. Though it proved unsuccessful, in the end I gained insight on how much support I truly do have from friends, family and strangers!

In addition, I’ve also invested into myself in other business ventures. I’m proud to say that I am IRS certified in all 50 states as a Tax Professional, I am also an Credit Repair and Mortgage Loan advisor. What’s the challenge in this you may ask? TRUST! Retaining clients is not the easiest of tasks especially with such sensitive personal information! I am learning the value of creating rapport and how important it is to walk with confidence.

Most recently I have delved back into the world of Beauty and Wellness by becoming an official Market Partner with Monat, something I am so wildly passionate about. As a makeup artist, skincare is the most important factor to me in beauty. And if you follow my Instagram stories, you’ll see I’m super active in the gym and dance studio. Staying fit and having clear skin is my top priority in my self care routine, so it made sense for me to work with a company that stands for what I stand for. The challenge here is that a lot of people don’t trust direct marketing, as we may all have our reservations. But I see it like this- we trust big celebrity brands just off the strength of their names not knowing exactly what it is that they’re selling to us. I’ve built a solid following via social media. I share everything I try product wise when it comes to my own skincare struggles. Man oh man when I tell you I think I found the Holy Grail, I mean it!

What advice would you give someone who would like to start their own business?

The best advice I can share with anyone who would like to start a business is to just START! Like now! You don’t have to have a perfect plan, because that plan and many other will be scrapped! You learn as you go. Educate yourself. Align yourself with people with similar ventures who have years and years on you. Learn from them. Understand that not everyone will support you, and you can’t take that to heart. Sometimes people who are the closest to you will envy you the most because they see you putting in the work they themselves don’t put in. There will be long days and even longer nights. But if you stick to the vision and allow yourself to fail up, you will succeed. You already succeeded the moment you you decided to START!

Steph Miya
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J. Styles A Tale Of Beauty And Fashion

Hi. My name is Janelle, known as a New York Style Coach, J. Styles. Born, raised & reside in New York with a little bit of Jersey. I’ve mothered 3 wonderful children with my husband. Since a small child, I’ve gained a passion & love for style and fashion, from vintage to trending.

Straight out of High School, I attended Cosmetology School to attain my certificate. Hair care has always been my passion, since the age of 4. Remembering days I spent in my bathroom mirror roller setting my hair and in need of my dad’s help, that was epic! Over the years, I gave my services as a beautician, freelance designer, stylist for lifestyle changes & events. I went into college to obtain my Business Degree while working as a stylist part-time for a well known women’s clothing company. During this time, it wasn’t easy as a mom and taking on so many tasks but I made it work for me while continuing through my journey, which was very successful and now my own boss lady of two businesses.

2 Years ago, My sister & I, decided to start making homemade natural hair care products because of the love I and my sister both shared for natural hair, which targets our natural hair community, “Sandy’s Curly Girl’s”, named after our mom, Sandra. We decided on giving it a try and so far so good. Definitely, more than grateful for the love and support we’ve gotten from the natural hair community. All our products are made with organic essential oils, hair butters and leaves that’s beneficial for hair growth, scalp treatment, breakage & more. Our Flaxseed Gel & Shea Moisturizer has been our biggest selling products since day one, a blessing. We’ve faced tough days throughout the year due to the pandemic due to material shortage and delivery delay but that hasn’t stopped us from doing our best to fulfill our customers hair care needs. At the moment, we are rebranding and working on new product ideas to continue our business growth.

Currently, I’m CEO of my own virtual style coaching company J Styles Studio, I’m grateful to get the chance to assist momprenuers all around the world which helps them discover their dope style, brand identity and professional everyday style. As a style coach, I’ve faced some challenging times and was in need of some guidance. I decided to invest in myself and my business during the past year of chaos & daily changes with one of the best business style coaches out of Atlanta, Mrs. Nikki Venus . Before taking out the time to invest within myself and joining the “Style Coach Academy” with amazing stylist and style coaches all over the world, I was low balling my prices with no real sight of my audience and understanding to niche down my preferred clients. Now, I’ve obtained knowledge and professionalism skills to build a greater foundation for my clients while giving them the best style tips to help them stay persistent and inspired because of my decision to invest in myself along with my brand.

My services are to help teach entrepreneur women how to “Embody & Embrace” their style struggles and gain confidence while choosing their professional branding wardrobe without getting overwhelmed, especially moms who feel very limited with time and maintaining their exquisite boss style. At J. Styles Studio, you will not only receive brand style coaching but also, hair care needs, lash services, nutrition options, videography, photography recommendations & more for your next brand shoot, business events and their boss lady lifestyle. I’m here to empower women like myself with female-led businesses to create the business of their dreams and turn it into a success story.

My advice to any young lady or woman that would like to pursue a boss lady lifestyle is always keep your faith, manifest your blessings & gain your inner strength even on your toughest days. Make sure you take time out & spend the money to invest in yourself because it will benefit your business growth. Most important… take pride in yourself and never limit your goals. Remember, that two peoples journeys are not the same, “EMBRACE YOUR JOURNEY”!

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Sasha’s Got A Secret

Accessories can make an outfit, the more the better. Sasha accessories queen and fashion stylist is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to this.

She sat down with Miss Larue to talk about how fashion and accessories is her passion.

Give us a little backstory about yourself

-I’m a fashion stylist based in The Philadelphia PA Area, I’m also a mom of 2 boys and they are my only & biggest motivation on this success journey that I’m on. I also have an accessory boutique that turned 1 in December of 2020 named “Sasha’s Accessory Secret”. We specialize in unique, trendy & affordable pieces to bring an added flare as well as bringing a look completely together. 

What made you want to start your business

-I’ve always been a huge accessory addict in reference to my personal style. Typically receiving compliments as well as being asked where I get my staple pieces from. So i figured I’d bring one of my favorite things being accessories to my passion of styling. It’s honestly the best decision I could’ve done because i enjoy what I do on every level. My motto is “Heavy On The Accessories”.. do really it seemed like a no brainer to start providing these statement pieces, some custom made, others sourced internationally but overall we have something for decertify whether you like more simple items or the flashy extra type of look.

What were some challenges have you faced and how did you overcome?

-I didn’t realize starting a business required so much patience, I automatically assumed because I get so much support regarding my styling & personal looks I post content wise on my social media platforms that the sales would come effortlessly. I was wrong, I had to create my own method to pretty much advertise as well as showcase how to style the pieces that I have for sell by posting consistent content. It was a slow start & it was a little discouraging, but having a strong mindset & staying consistent is what kept me pushing. 

What advice would you give someone who would like to start their own business?

-Never Give Up! Create your own lane if you feel like there isn’t one for you! On the good days, the bad days, the slow days, the days you don’t get any orders or inquiries keep putting your business in everybody’s faces! People see you, keep showing up!

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I See Dope Fashion: 6ixthsense Clothing

A little back story about me, basically I’m a mom of a 17 year old, not married (yet) I’m currently employed as a operations analyst. I’m a lover of my culture intrigued by all the many facets that is black. I’m a everyday women.

I wanted to start a business because I love fashion, I love shopping getting dressed up being cute picking out things for others to be cute basically anything fashion. I had all these creative ideas in my mind that I wanted to bring to life. I was moved when everything going on in the world racism, police brutality,inequality everything and I wanted to create something my people could wear and be proud of, and it was born a leisure line Royaltyé Noire which means black royalty.

Some challenges I face are funding, trying to secure loans or grants to bring all my ideas to fruition. I also had a hard time finding access locally to vendors and manufacturers I needed. I haven’t completely overcome these challenges but I work through them google is my best friend I also ask questions I’m not scared to ask people who I think can help me. As far as the funding I buckled down a lot I went into my savings and just hustled.

My advice is write everything down, think of all that can go wrong and throw it out of your mind. Stay positive, pray, speak affirmations to yourself . Get one confidant and pour your heart to them, when your excited about your new venture your going to want to tell someone don’t only tell your confidant. Good vibes brings good things.
I don’t have it all together but I’m just motivated and I’ve always been a hustler a mover and a shaker so I know my business will be great.

My contact info is Quiana Gibson

Instagram: 6ixth Sense Clothing Brand Facebook: 6ixth Sense Clothing Brand Website:

Sew Fax

My name is Alicia Fairfax Harper, I have always been a creative at heart and loved to customize my clothing. I have always had an eccentric and vibrant look as far as my clothing is concerned. Colors, shapes and various textiles have always caught my eye. I would have to say I have always been intrigued with how a few yards of fabric could be turned into something fabulous!

I went to Africa with my mother a couple of years ago and collected a few patches in the hopes of adding it to a coat or something. I held on to them for sometime and one day came across them as I was going through everything I acquired from my trip. I realized I wanted to do more with them. I asked my husband (at that time fiancé) to grab me a couple of hoodies when he ran to Walmart. By the end of the week I had attached my patches to the arm of one of the sweatshirts but the front was blank. I proudly showed him what I had done with them but explained how I was lost as to what to put on the front. A month before it was prophesied to me to “get with my fabrics” so was already in the process of making various garments with my sewing machine but never really saw it as a business. A name was given to me in one of my morning prayers. Sew Fax came about. Sew instead of so and my maiden name is Fairfax from there came fax (instead of facts). A few people saw the pieces I had made for myself and husband, loved it, and wanted a creation of their own. I customized each and every garment specific to each customer to their present story as well as their future story. So here I am today!

Some challenges I have faced have been mental blocks and a period of lack of creativity. But in those moments it’s so important to remember why you started and most importantly what you loved most about it. Prayer, fresh air like a walk in the park or a quick trip to the fabric store always seems to do it for me. Oh getting multiple orders at one time! Never get overwhelmed with the workload. No matter how much you have to get done take your time. Space out your turnaround time accordingly to ensure your standard of quality NEVER gets compromised.

If you want to start a business GO FOR IT! Always remember to have a strategy in please as well as a plan, written out so that you can visualize it, of where  you want to go. I believe everything is a learning experience, including mistakes. The rise, the setbacks, even the times where it seems to be stagnant. My business is still fresh so I don’t consider myself an expert but the most important thing one can do is believe in yourself (I know it’s cliché, but it’s true) and in the capability of God. A good idea is alright but a God idea will never fail!!!


Maven Media Management

My name is Danyell Flowers, I’m originally from South Carolina. I’ve been living in NYC for 6 years and operating my company, Maven Media Management, for the last 3 years. Maven Media is a public relations + branding agency. I’m an Alumnae of the University of South Carolina, and I am also a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

Starting my own business was an organic decision for me. I was both freelancing and working as a publicity director for a public relations agency before I started my business. It was becoming too difficult to manage both, and coincidentally my former bosses and I had been at odds for quite some time. So, I took those two things as clear signs that I should take a leap of faith, and 3 1/2 years later Maven Media is still here and growing daily. I’m so glad that I took a chance on myself.

Learning time management between work + personal life and mastering self-care have been the biggest challenges to overcome. I have always been a hard worker, but now that I work for myself my work ethic is even more intense. If I don’t work I don’t eat, so I admittedly overwork to make sure my clients are satisfied. With Maven Media being a new start-up I am constantly building its reputation and portfolio, so I sacrifice a lot of my free time and neglect my needs in the process. To a certain extent these things come with the territory of the industry I’m in. Working in publicity is a lifestyle so the work and client needs are ALWAYS there. There is no 9-5 in dealing with the media or clients. You have to always be aware of what’s going on in the media and society to figure out how your client can be leveraged in the ever-changing news cycle we live in. My whole career revolves around making other people happy and servicing their needs because their success is a direct reflection of my success. However, in the last year-and-a-half I began to notice signs of anxiety in my body and physical/mental exhaustion. I came to the realization that while all of the above circumstances about my career are true I have to set boundaries and make time to care for myself. BECAUSE my clients’ success IS my success–that means if I am not at my best I won’t be able to give my clients my best. As a result, these last 9 months I’ve made a conscious effort to do things for me: I meditate and practice stillness the first 2 hours of my day; I exercise regularly; I wait until I have the mental capacity to answer non-urgent texts/calls/emails. I say “no” to things that don’t serve me; I do not work or communicate with my clients on the weekends or holidays; I take at least 2 Fridays off every month. I have also started working with a reiki healer and I’m actively seeking a therapist and life coach. I don’t do all of these things 100% of the time, but I am very proud of the progress I’ve made so far ( I also added 2 people to my staff woo-hoo)!

My advice for anyone starting their own business is:
Don’t fight the process; most often success is not an overnight thing. There will be broke days, there will be challenges, there will be sacrifices, there will be detours that you must take on your path. Don’t give up because these things build character and will ultimately work together for your good.
Don’t be afraid of failure or let it stop you from starting your business. Failure is inevitable, but how you chose to deal with your failures is up to you. Look at failures as teachable moments and take away applicable lessons that will help you in the future.
A delay is not a deny; trust the timing of all things in your life. It’s going to happen when it’s supposed to happen. Your only job is to keep working towards your goals and stay positive.

I can be reached on my web site at:

Mommy Means Businesses

My name is Tasha, I am a mother of 2 and a wife to my childhood sweetheart.
I am a self described serial entrepreneur. I am the founder and Chief Visionary of Sweet Escape Expos LLC a premier street festival and business expo company as well as co author and publisher along with my 12 year old son Dean F. Scott of The Barnes & Noble in store best seller Mia Londons Perfectly Perfectly Perfect Pajamas®️ childrens book. I go where my heart leads me weather it’s publishing books to curating festivals for the culture. I learned early on from my mother & Aunt Ann about multiple streams of income and doing what you love while working with and mirroring them.
My mom and aunt own their own multifaceted Company Sisters Working Together where they would do everything from festival food to private art shows. This was the foundation of me becoming the person I am today.

Sweet Escape Expos LLC came to me randomly in 2012 while pregnant with my daughter Mia on total bed rest. I thought to myself it would be nice to have a expo that focuses on all local bakeries & confection companies and from there while laying in the bed for 5 months I developed the Sweet Escape Confection & Dessert Expo which featured over 100 local dessert companies with over 2000 attending the 1st year to 3000 the second. From there I branched off to curating food truck festivals for local townships as well as the yearly anticipated Do It For The Culture Shopping Experience which brings together over 100 hand selected black owned companies for a once of a kind experience all to themed music.

My biggest challenge to date has to be the trademark battle my children and I had to deal with regarding the name of our book Mia London’s Perfectly Pajamas®️.
Mia London®️ is my daughters name however someone else also held a trademark for the same name and we did as well under a different category.
It took a year and a half to resolve and all of our books and products were placed on hold. However we have a bomb lawyer Ms. Jordan B. Franklin ESQ who put in that work.

My main and biggest advise to ALL who are starting a business would be to secure and lock your trademark before doing anything. Please do not just say “I’m working it. “Yes we have it.” Just because you think you are ok. Really you are not. I am a huge advocate for small business owners securing their trademark and try to help as many as I can through the process as it can be lengthy and confusing.
Thank you

Jerzey Cloth

My Name Is Jermaine Hailey aka Ceiz

By day I am a Software Engineer, I work for a digital agency in New York. (Deutsch Inc). By night I own a custom T shirt business called Jerzey Cloth where I make t-shirts for various occasions along with shirts I design for everyday wear. I also have my own brand call “Rich Poverty”

What made me want to start my business is the lack of appreciation that big organizations have for the black dollar, we put so much of our hard earned money into these big brands and they constantly show that they have no respect for the black consumer. I’ve always been into fashion and I never needed to wear name brand things to look nice so I decided to no longer wear big brands and to create what I wanted.

The challenges I faced were the learning curves that you go through as a business owner; Reaching out to vendors, trying to get them to understand your vision and create something that represents yourself and brand correctly. Money wasted, time spent and many other mistakes you make when starting a business. The biggest challenge is having the mental strength and capability to not give up when everything is going wrong.

Advice that I would give is to always bet on yourself, trust the process and never quit. You learn so much more through hardship and tribulation then you ever will in comfort 

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Instagram: jerzeycloth

Get Bodied By Tamika

Give us a little backstory about yourself

My name is Tamika Harden, during my childhood and adolescence I was over weight. I hated being over weight with a passion. Both children and adults were often mean which, negatively impacted my self image. When I turned 16yrs old I joined my very first health club, without the help of an adult. That’s how bad I wanted it. Through hard work I lost 40lbs and fell in love with fitness. At the young age of 19 I was hired to manage and operator the very same fitness club where it all started. Losing weight for me was my first major life Accomplishment. An Accomplishment that taught me I had the power to change anything in my life that I did not like. That discovery led to the desire to become a fitness trainer. I wanted to help others change their lives through fitness, the way it changed mine.

What made you want to start your business?

Starting my own business was both the hardest decision to make and the most rewarding Decision I’ve made. For over 15 years I’ve worked for several fitness companies. At first it seemed both scary and hard to start my own business. I allowed years of fear to hold me back until one day I said to myself , why don’t you just do what you love. That was 3.5 years ago. My first fitness experience taught me the power of change. It taught me that with the right tools and support one could accomplish goals that once seemed impossible. I wanted to guide people through the lifestyle change process. That’s how Body By Tamika was born.

What were some challenges have you faced and how did you overcome?

Growing up experiencing both poverty and drug addiction, I’m used to fighting through obstacles . Unfortunately, I don’t know it any other way . My life experiences have made me resilient and has motivated me to keep going. I want to use my experiences to help strengthen and motivate others. Fear and lack of resources almost destroyed my dreams or entrepreneurialship. Instead through hard work I turned adversity into opportunity and Body By Tamika was born.

What advice would you give someone who would like to start their own business?

If you can’t stop thinking about, if you can’t stop dreaming about, If you enjoy to do it for free, then it sounds like you have discovered your passion. My advice is to find like minded individuals or mentors that can help you create a plan. Don’t allow fear to hold you back. Fear is something that doesn’t yet exist. Don’t allow something that hasn’t happened yet stop you from living your purpose.

Get Framed By K

My name is Kasmereia. I was born and raised in Jersey City, New Jersey. I’m the owner and CEO of Framedbyk. FramedbyK is an online business I created to sell shades for women, men, children & various accessories for the shades. I recently added two new items to my inventory, T-shirt’s and sweat shirts with my company slogan. It reads “Never Throwing Shade, But Always Shaded” & I’m very excited about this new addition.

What made you want to start a business?

Honestly, I’ve always been into fashion. I love shopping and looking good. Whether cheap or expensive, if I like it, I buy it. But what gave me that extra push to start my business is, I’ve ALWAYS had family and close friends ask me to either dress them or assist them with finding outfits for special occasions. My fashion advice is always being solicited. I’m very passionate about what I contribute to and because of this I would really take my time, search for different pieces and put them together based on their style, needs and preferences. Eventually I sat back one day & thought to myself , “I really have a great eye and can really use this talent helping others look and feel good”. The first thing that came to my mind was shades. The weather was warming up and I knew how much ppl loved a nice pair of shades to compliment an outfit. I chose this particular product because shades are very versatile and can be worn with almost anything, anytime & anywhere.

What were some challenges have you faced and how did you overcome? 

Thankfully, I haven’t really faced any tough challenges thus far, and as I stated previously I am extremely thankful for that. By no means am I saying they can’t or won’t happen because I am fully aware that when running a business any and everything can happen. Whether, good or bad. However, I will say that I will credit the lack of challenges I’ve had to a few things I’ve learned while running my business. Some of which are, that Time Management Is Key. Never take on more than you can manage at one given time and Never guarantee anything if you’re unsure! In the beginning I also learned that Presentation and Professionalism is key. The way you present yourself and products, will determine your success and loyalty with customers. Lastly, If you don’t think highly of your brand, neither will anyone else.

What advice would you give someone who would like to start their own business?

Never give up on yourself! No matter how many times you get it wrong, keep going and pushing. There will be many doubters but even more supporters and believers. Most importantly, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. Nothing great happened over night. Running a business is stressful but if it’s something you love and always wanted to do, everything will work itself out.

Ig: @framedbyK